Friday, March 28, 2008

review on Ah Long Pte Ltd 老师嫁老大

people around was telling me how funny this movie is, i told her and even her friends told her so. So, a few days ago, on Tuesday, we both decided to watch this movie!!

a Malaysia + Singapore production, a GOOD onei would say!!

the story about reformation of a gangster group/ah Long group, Reformation!! Rebuild!! lolx imagining about it is funny already..

true enough, its FUNNY!! unlike Meet The Spartans which is OVER-FUNNY, i think that this movie is just nice!!!

Mark Lee is just GOOD in this movie, he really knows how to act like that, that type of character, sissy type.. lolx...

this is one of my favourite scene, where he came to his car then some Ah Longs ask him on how to write some chinese words, here they mix violence + humour together..

its very very interesting i think, in the background there are people "bullying/hitting" a family and at the same time they told this "aqua" teacher that they are filming...

this dancing scene reminds me of Meet The Spartans, of course, this is nicer la lolx.. because thats one of the way to change people's perception about Ah Long wtf... haha

a film that is somehow related to triad must have these kind of scenes - me think so..
*infernal affairs is an exception ><

and yes, the main character in this movie, acted by Fann Wong

Fann Wong was just fantastic larh.. lolx i would say that she made Singapore citizens proud, will she be Singapore's "Michelle Yeoh"?? i wonder...

there are many other scenes which is nice, too many to talk about... its definitely a worth watching movie by us Malaysians where Ah Longs are active!!

i have only one problem with the movie, there are too many foul language in it... i was quite disturbed with too much of foul language in it(maybe its just my problem though)

so for those who haven watch it, go to your nearest cinema and watch the movie bah!! you see the picture above, they so happy smiling big big then you know this movie is good larh!!

my rating 7/10

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eunice said...

I love this movie!!! So funny lar! :p

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