Thursday, March 06, 2008

1st Episode of Malaysian Dream Girl - My POV

The 1st Episode is finally out through internet,

i just finish watching all 5 parts of it..

is it interesting?? not really..

to me its just so so...

i would say that they are bad at recording down the contestants voice.. i cant really hear what they say.. the video quality is so so as well..

most of the girls are.. just normal to me.. not really special

except for some rare ones which is just really a few


Adeline, the 1st girl who got through

and Chin Yee, a kindergarten Teacher

a picture of chin yee from

i would say that i was hoping to see the judges rejecting the contestants in a more harsh way, just like what the Malaysian Idol Season1 judges did.. LoLz

they were harsh, but not THAT harsh to me

some of the "interesting" comments came out from Kenny Sia such as "the skirt looks like you just picked it up from a rubbish bin somewhere" / "you look like a Mak Cik at a pasar malam"

i guess thats why many of the girls cried in the audition

anyway, i'm waiting for the next episode on the 8th of March
at the moment you can read more about the audition from other blogs


Anonymous said...

Apparently they revised the clips and the sound quality is suppose to be better on today's clips. I think the 'real' drama will start once they start focusing on the 12 finalists!!

joshuaongys said...

lolz.. thats why i am loooking forward to it haha

l a b e l s


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