Saturday, March 08, 2008

Oppositions LEADING in Various Places have the latest reports and latest results of the election in their website

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as for now the opposition parties are leading in various places around Malaysia

below is from LimKitSiang's blog

[From available reports, DAP has won victories, in some cases with huge majorities, in the following Parliamentary seats:

1. Bagan
2. Tanjong
3. Bukit Glugor
4. Ipoh Timur
5. Batu Gajah
6. Petaling Jaya Utara
7. Seputeh
8. Kepong
9. Bukit Bintang
10. Cheras
11. Bandar Kuching
12. Sandakan
13. Segambut
14. Kota Melaka

DAP is leading in the following Parliamentary seats:

1. Sarikei
2. Serdang
3. Klang
4. Taiping
5. Bruas
6. Teluk Intan
7. Jelutong
8. Bukit Bendera
9. Batu Kawan

For state assembly seats, DAP has won

1. Subang Jaya;
2. Teratai ]

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*the counting is still in process, if Samy Vellu really lose this time then really HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM!!! Wuahahhahahahahahahahaha lolx

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Fluxevz said...

yeah happy fbday to samy vellu..he deserves it,keep on increasing toll price..

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