Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jay Chou周杰伦 FOOLED the Doggy Team (狗仔队) !!

i do not know that you all read about this news : last week Jay Chou周杰伦 was said to be meeting a female member[赤雪] of an unknown China Group[伊妹儿]

the photo capture above was circulated and was made quite a headline that time saying that Jay Chou周杰伦 have been meeting several female at different time/places.

the truth is, the guy is a double of Jay Chou[王岩], a substitute which was use in Jay Chou周杰伦 film [ 大灌篮 Kung Fu Dunk ]. Actually this substitute is just meeting his friend 赤雪 and going out for tea & chat.

Jay Chou周杰伦 was quite "proud" with the news that was created unintentionally by his double

Jay and his double

周董不但不担心他“惹麻烦”,反而开玩笑鼓励他“干脆替我接通告”,更希望他的出现可以帮助自己玩晕狗仔队:“杰伦说真的很烦狗仔队跟他,要是多一些我这样跟他很像的人到处跑,狗仔队也不知道哪个是真的就好玩了。” - source

Translation - Jay Chou did not worry that his double will cause trouble to him. Instead he joke and encourage him asking his double to accept jobs on behalf oh himself, Jay Chou even hope that his appearance will help him play around and fool the "doggy team". - source

i must say that they really look alike!! lolx

this is really funny, haha good job fooling the "reporters" around hahahahaha =)

*王岩 is a guy who joined the 快男 competition in China, however he failed to make a name in the competition. He met with Jay Chou周杰伦 in the premier of The Curse of the Golden Flower满城尽戴黄金甲. Because of his looks that look like Jay Chou himself, he was hired as his Sub to act in his recent film as well as his recent MV[拽]

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