Sunday, March 09, 2008

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Internet & Bloggers

and yea, one thing i forgot to mention about this election is,


if you really go and find out and visit from blog to blog, you will find out that many bloggers happens to be the young generation of Malaysia and many of them are 1st time voters as well, the opposition parties have make good use of the internet with Friendster, Facebook, Blogs, Personal Websites, Independent News Websites. Some leaders in oppositions parties have their own blogs/friendster/facebook as well.

in the election, we have made quite a topic where Blogger turn Parliament Member, Jeff Ooi won representing DAP. Some leaders from BN have created blogs as well in the last few months, its too late for them to do so. Results proved that.

To BN leaders : Really, the power of internet is very powerful. Stop finding faults of bloggers and accusing bloggers, instead find out why bloggers write those stuffs in their blogs.

To Opposition leaders : Hope they will grab this opportunity tightly and do something about it to prove to the people they are countable

Go Bloggers United!!

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