Sunday, March 09, 2008

Election Aftermath & My Personal View

newspapers were swept out in no time just like there's no selling of newspaper today....

on the other hand, places around Malaysia were said to be extraordinarily quiet, many are worried that riots or some other bad thing will happen thus decided to stay at home.. well i myself believe that the percentage of those happening in LARGE scale is very low, maybe yes for minor debates/quarrels/fights, but no to major ones... Everyone knew that in 1969, race riots erupted. see, by the year of the incident, you know that it is many ages ago where people are not so educated as now... that time, people can be influenced easily... but now?? NO LARHH...

you think now is 10,000BC meh???

nowadays, people are more educated, they are clever, rationale, and they have brains - this people includes Malays, Chinese and Indians of course!! that is why the election results in a deny of 2/3 BN majority in the parliament.

however, most of the people around was happy and excited with the Election results ESPECIALLY with the news of the lost of SamyVellu in Sungai Siput... many people laughed about that, he's so popular in recent years with all his "dao" skills (turning tactics-turn from fake to truth, from truth to fake) in solving problems arising to him, so its not a shocked to most people, many have even take it as a mini joke for him as He himself claimed that yesterday's his 72nd Birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY aite!!

WHY the election resulted in such unimaginable way?? this is because people are fed up with more unsolved problems from year to year after our PM, Abdullah had a landslide victory in the 2004 general election, winning some 90 percent of the parliamentary seats.

Okay, petrol money have raised, tolls fees have gone up and other more problems. YES, the Government gave reasons that the world petrol money have raised and yea yadda yadda they have subsidize maaaniiii mahnee for the tolls fees... o.O

the MAIN problem is a country like Malaysia which have 1st class facilities(we have KLIA, one of the top airports in the world, we have MSC-Multimedia Super Corridor and etc) and yet, the cost of living in Malaysia is SO HIGH... there're other problems as well such as FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF PRESS AND FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY and etc which i'm lazy to state it all out. If the cost of living is low, then people would be more likely to pay for petrol price and toll fees at a higher rate without complaints

In short, the people want a change in the country and the results show that the people succeed in doing that. Like what Wingz have posted in his blog, on Saturday Everybody Acted as God making decision through voting. The people want a change, they got it.

Thats the power of Democracy!!

so what now?? 4 out of 14states lost to opposition this time, some say that our PM should step down including our very own ex PM, Dr Mahathir Mohamad

"I think he should bear responsibility for this. Just as in 2004, the huge majority, the huge victory, were reportedly due to him 100 percent, so now he should accept 100 percent responsibility," Mahathir told a press conference. "I think he needs to consider stepping down."

anyhow the people have made their choice, we don't know what will happen in the next 5 more years, for sure there will be negative issues coming up, i just hope that the various parties will do what they can to help improve the problems... we will understand if some issues still cant be solved thoroughly, at least show that you've tried!!

but if the number of negative issues goes beyond the limit again, then we have to act God again in 5 years time and once again show them the power of Democracy!!!


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