Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hero, the Youngest Kid to sing Hey Jude

*this post is dedicated to my DEAR friend, Mr Chan Hoong Wai!!

this YouTube video was posted in May last year and have brought joy to everyone who watched it... haha

born in the year of 2003 in Seoul, Korea

this cutie, Hero was claimed to be a kid who can sing most Beatles songs by ear without having any lessons at all including the song "Hey Jude" which he sang in the video...

as i'm writing this post, 2,199,319 people have watched this video that was favourited 5200 times by online users.

maybe some of you have watched it but i believe that there are people like me who haven watch it before all these while

yes i only get to watch this video after it was posted so many months. =)

and yea, recently he joined the Wunderkind Contest Show on KBS-TV(Korean Television Station) and gained more fame. In the show, he sang "Hey Jude" and Lolx

for those who haven watch it... GO WATCH NOW!!! links below

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