Wednesday, March 26, 2008

review on Fatal Move 夺帅

yes i know this movie is around the cinemas for quite some time already, i only get to watched it on Monday night 24/03/2008.

after watching this movie, i would say that it was extremely disappointing..

yes they have "gang" scenes like this

they have fighting scenes like these as well

but the movie just sucks

the CASTS is good, with the likes of Sammo Hung洪金宝 and Simon Yan任达华,


but they have a BAD storyline!!!


since Infernal Affairs 无间道, Hong Kong movie industry failed to produced any NICE movies involving triads/gangsters. The later triad related movies after Infernal Affairs is either just nice or crappy.

older Hong Kong triads/gangsters movies are the best...

like the series of movies of Young And Dangerous 古惑仔, i believe many people out there ESPECIALLY guys agree with me on this!!

my rating for this movie is 4/10, if not because of the casts, i would rate it just 1 or 2 over 10...

if you haven watch this movie and you have the dvd/cd at home, just throw it away in the rubbish bin... lolx...

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Johnny Ong said...

thks for the review. at least i know which show shld be low priority

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