Saturday, March 22, 2008

sometimes being too free is not a good thing

in my previous post i said that i'm so free that i compiled the contestants details of Malaysian DreamGirl together in a post

if the picture above is true enough, then the guys in it were more bored than me

its either they
a) are good at "handling" electricity
b) are mutated, you know, they are friends with electricity
c) gambling on who will die first
d) wteva....

these kind of pictures / videos often come from the west.. whats wrong with them anyway..
doing stupid things like shooting a "jump" picture like what smashp0p
always do is ok because i always do such stupid stuffs as well but this....

anyway, just enjoy the picture, do not take it seriously like i do =)


3POINT8 said...

d1) they are good in photoshop
d2) they have good common sense not to turn on the electricity

joshuaongys said...

hahaha do not be like me, so serious analyzing the picture haha

l a b e l s


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