Tuesday, March 11, 2008

a conversation that makes me wonder

yesterday, in the middle of the night, i was chatting on the phone with this friend where she told me the story of her new boyfriend.. they are currently on long distance relationship now where the bf is in Australia and she's in Malaysia...

this reminds me of previous years of how i went through that period myself.. of course, my gf wasn't in Australia, she is from another state...

i kept laughing when she told me what did her boyfriend told her and stuffs as i said all those things before. 100% exact stuffs which i told my gf last time. NO I'M NOT GONNA TELL WHAT I SAID THAT TIME HERE =)

anyway the conversation really reminds me of many stuffs as well as making me imagine what will happen in the future... in the next 5 years because i will be in that situation once again....

i was wondering about another thing which is the people around me seems to have a bf/gf who is in overseas/going to go overseas in near future and they(my friends) will be going to overseas as well to study as well as be closer with their bf/gf..

lucky kids... =(

me?? DONT even think of going overseas to study... guai guai dei stay in Malaysia lah!! ZZzzz

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wong said...

I'm having LDR too :( Not so nice... Thing is she is from other country, lagi shit~!

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