Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Got Tagged!!


yay!!! i got tagged!! yay!! *jumps up and down*

actually its not so big deal hor *calm down and sit down in front of the computer*


thinking twice about it, actually its quite big deal for me... in my memories, i've never been tagged before through blog... erm.. maybe got, just that i didn't notice gua?? O.O

anyway, anyhow

here it is...

Real Name:
Joshua Ong............... O.O

Nickname: joshie, shua, babi... not much actually lolz... got a few more which is confidential x.x

Married: Not Yet lor..... no Marnee larhhhh

Male/Female: Male

High School: SMK Taman Bukit Maluri

University/College: TARC, the institute that offers cheapest courses!!!

Short or Long Hair: erm... between long and short..

Are you a health freak?: NOPE

Height: around 170cm.

Do you have a crush on someone?: i have more than a crush on someone.... ><
Do you like yourself:
Of course i do!!! aduh... i like every bit of myself!! +.+

Piercings: not at all....

Righty or lefty: lefty... actually righty la


Surgery: as far as i can remember.. nope..

Piercing: noooooo.... tak da!!

Person you see in the morning: myself..

Award: primary school..

Sport you joined: forgot dee...

Pet: i think its a tortoise.. long long time a go...

Vacation: erm.. first one ar... dunoo leh..

Concert: JWTL concert i guess.. it was a camp. Jam With The Lamb.. which year i forgotten d...

First crush: Primary school!!


Eating: Nothing

Drinking: Nothing

I'm about to: type the answer to the next question??!!

Your future...

Want kids: Yesh...

Want to get married: and again Yesh...

Careers in mind: i'm still confused??

Which is better?

Lips or eyes?:

Hugs or kisses: HUGS!!! hugs are sooooooo nice at the right time!!

Shorter or taller?: just nice will do

Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous

Sensitive or loud: Sensitive

Troublemaker or hesitant?: got a third answeR?

Have you ever....

Kissed a stranger?: nope...i think....

Drank bubbles: what is the bubble you're referring to??

Lost glasses/contacts: yes... in the toilet sumore, took off and wash my face den forgot to take... ZZzzz

Ran away from home: nope.. i think.. did i??

Liked someone younger: Yes DEFINITELY!!!

Liked someone older: and again YES!!

Broke someone's heart: how i wish i could say no but again, Yes...

Been arrested: in my dreams yes...

Cried when someone died: Yeaps....

Do u believe in...

Yourself?: If i don't believe in myself i would rather go die..

Miracles: Seen before so you say leh?

Heaven: Yeah.Yes OF COURSE!!

Santa Claus: who???? OH you mean the long bearded old man who can only spend 0.0004 secs in each house with the reindeer of the speed of 8000km/h (he needs to go to every house in the world in 24 hours on Christmas Eve itself)

FORGET BOUT IT LAR>>santa claus... Zzzz

Magic: half half..

Angels: Angels?? yea!!

Answer truthfully..

Is there someone you want to be with right now?: Yeaps!! =)

Do you believe in God?: Yes. Definitely!!

i wonder who really did go through the whole "post"

this is the fun part of the post, i get to tag 5 people!!!

Tag 5 ppl:
hmm normally people tag friends they know personally,
let me try this.. i shall tag people whom i do not know personally lolx..
lets see who will reply!!
*i hope someone will, ha..ha..ha.. ><

1. Timothy Tiah a.k.a Boss Stewie!! @
2. Pamsong of Tinki Talks (the queen of multiple posts)
3. curryegg @
4. 3Point8 @
5. Aronil @

why did i tag them??not other blogger that i do not know personally???

just random bahhhh...

(mayb i have no life bah... ha)

what if none of them reply my tag har....


yes i know its stupid, but no bad giving it a try right?? hehe

and yea, if any of the 5 person above "give face" and replied my tag, hope they will tag 5 other UNKNOWN person/blogger as well!!


OH YEA, BTW i got tagged by SanSan


Aronil said...

lol tagged eh? i tot getting tag was suppose to be answering only 5 questions :P

3POINT8 said...


3POINT8 said...

erm....u sure u want to tag me?
I'm gonna write something about you and your blog which is still related to the tag. [minor stuff only] If you can take it...good.

In fact, I've written that post. Waiting for another 8~20hours before I post em up....Better reply me soon if you dun want me to talk about you...

3POINT8 said...

Tag Done!
check it here @ 3POINT8.

renaye said...

how do u tag?

Simon Seow said...

pamsong is now queen of bimbodom too.

renaye said...

thanks for leaving a comment.

actually i was just wondering what do u mean by your current entry 'i got tagged!!' what's this 'tag' thingy about.

l a b e l s


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