Sunday, March 23, 2008

review on An Empress & The Warriors 江山美人

This is a movie with a storyline based in ancient China starring Donnie Yen 甄子丹, Kelly Chen 陈慧琳 and Leon Lai 黎明.

when i first saw the poster of this movie, i thought to myself that why on earth they go and find Leon Lai to act in this movie....

For me, Kelly Chan acting in this movie(with an ancient China story background) is weird enough, and Leon Lai came in somemore.... Swt O.O

anyway, i went for the movie just now...

and the only thing that encourage me to watch this movie is because of him

Donnie Yen 甄子丹

everyone knows he's good at fighting and i would like to see how he act and fight during ancient China time.

After watching the movie, i would say that they shouldn't find Leon Lai to act in this movie, he is just not suitable for this type of movie.

however i like the fighting scenes in the movie, i always enjoy watching these kind of fighting scenes like in The Warlords 投名状 and A Battle Of Wits 墨攻.

before i watch this movie, i have read news of how much hard work Kelly Chan have put in into this movie such as learning how to fight, fight with Donnie Yen on top of a tree trunk which is on the water and she personally did ALL the stuns and fights herself without any substitute actor/actress.

yes i saw her hard work in the movie, and i accepted the movie with her in it which i think it was strange previously

so my only problem on this movie is they SHOULD NOT find Leon Lai at the first place!!

Don't ask me why i think so... ><

maybe he's cheaper to hire bah compared to other stars like Andy Lau, Jet Li and etc.

thats just my view on this movie, maybe you would love watching Leon Lai in this movie.. who knows?? lolx

and btw, do you know the "uniform/equipment" they wore in the movie is like 40kg in total for each person??

so, you have to really pay attention on the equipments they wore, really nice!! =)

my rating for this movie would be 7/10

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Johnny Ong said...

donnie yen is really good with his kung fu. original.

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