Friday, March 21, 2008

Malaysian DreamGirl - The Blog of Cindy TeY [Dream 03]

Ringo is a really famous blogger around and she already have people making banners and posters for her asking people to vote for her lolx..

here, i'm going to post another Malaysian DreamGirl's blog

the blog of Cindy Tey [Dream03] a.k.a Miss C

i have a few friends sending her blog link to me through MSN recently, so i thought of posting this up...

maybe some of you know about the blog already but i do think that there are people who only know RINGO as a blogger and not CINDY TEY as a blogger =)






go to her blog @
anyone have any other contestant's blog link other than Ringo and Cindy??

btw, do you know someone created a Wikipedia page on Malaysian DreamGirl?


Miss C said...

btw, its Cindy TeY, not H. (:

Anonymous said...

Cindy looks sexy. Edison Chen might be interested in her???

l a b e l s


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