Monday, March 24, 2008

Liverpool !?!? CANNOT la!!!!

it was quite a night for many of us soccer fans yesterday

many mamak stalls were occupied with MAINLY ManUtd supporters watching the match between Liverpool and ManUtd eventhough the rain came again and again...

most Liverpool fans said that it was an unfair match with the sent off of Javier Mascherano leaving a 10 man team against a more superior 11 man ManUtd team

that incident happened at the 43th minute,

Liverpool fans, stop being in denial bah...

yes i agree that the Yellow card towards Mascherano was a bit too harsh and the impact was too big in a big match like this with a 3-0 win for Manchester United..

But Hey... Liverpool fans!!

You cant deny that Manchester United are on a more advantaging side creating much more chances/threats and etc before the sent off....

Gerrard and Torres was quite disappointing i would say...

they failed to make a difference...

allowing Wes Brown to score his 3rd goal in his career in ManUtd was crazy enough for the fans

it was his 1st goal in the last 3 years serving as a Manchester United player, i couldn't be more happy than that... lolx (being a ManUtd fan, i used to dislike Wes Brown)

my one and only respect for Liverpool is their keeper Reina, if it wasn't because of him, Liverpool could have a more uglier lost like Roma 1-7 lost to ManUtd last year!! o.O

what happen next was quite predictable then... with Ronaldo adding one more goal to his scoring spree this season

and a superb finishing by Nani which entertained us, ManUtd fans very much as well as putting a more O.O expression on Liverpool fans!!! =)

3-0 The final score of the match =)

On the other hand, 2 goals from Drogba allowed Chelsea to overtake Arsenal in the league table. Manchester United still have to be at their best in the next 7 matches and secure as much points as they can.



Aronil said...

Hee go go Man United :) 3-0 sweet man

Johnny Ong said...

glory glory man united

l a b e l s


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