Friday, March 07, 2008

review on Vantage Point

finally after the long wait, i watched Vantage Point on Wednesday night at Times Square

before this, i read about some reviews on a few blogs which have good comments on this movie, and i have been wanting to watch it myself in cinemas...

alright fine, i've watched it =)

it was a fine movie to me, interesting but not TOO interesting for me..

the way of filming it was new to me...

one scene was show from a specific person's view and then was rewind and the second scene came in from another person's view and this goes on repeatingly until the 5th/6th person(well i forgotten-too much rewind) and at last the story was sum up showing the continuing part of the few suspense earlier in the movie...

Kent Taylor, a secret agent who happens to be a by Matthew Fox

well i didn't expect that Kent will be a betrayer.... that did made my eyes open BIG BIG as well as gave me a Wow in my mind...

anyhow, this movie is still worth to watch for me

to sum this up, i would give a 6 out of 10 to rate the movie =)

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