Thursday, April 24, 2008

Definitely Gang Maybe Bang

This whole thing started quite random actually... the 2 Mastermind of this production/project planned this just recently....

the 2 masterminds, PamSong and ThomasYap

it was quite a happening project although they failed to get any sponsorship, and NO!! this is not a Nuffnang event!

How happening was it??

How successful was it??

we have our own poster by our personal designer and we even have our very own comic strip at his blogsite and he didn't charge us!!

*don't be jealous yea go here and find him, maybe if you ask, he will make a personal comic strip for you as well =)

i brought my friend ShuJian there and i was surprise that some of the bloggers actually do remember me going to the Coke media event =)

and well, i went up to them and said "Hello, i'm Joshua" and they just look at me weirdly then they laugh... ><

Maybe the fries at McD caused them to act in such a way...

anyway, i settled down soon...

and we enjoyed chit-chatting around

as well as taking pictures...

people around us must be thinking whats wrong with us...

well, what can we do?? WE HAVE 5 DSLRs!!!! and a bunch of DigiCams sumore

there were 17 of us bloggers

a group picture of us!!

and we watched this movie Definitely Maybe

we were really crazy, we took photos in the cinema

after the movie, PamSong and Aronil still taking photos..... ><>

on the way down the escalator

in front of the entrance of Cineleisure

everyone was enjoying themselves

while cam-whoring!!

Bloggers Camwhoring Set 1

Bloggers Camwhoring Set 2

Bloggers Camwhoring Set 3

Bloggers Camwhoring Set 4

we kept taking photos till the security guard came to us and tell us we cant take photos in the building itself!! wtf...

how come i never know that there's such rule??

anyway we had a private discussion among us where Yatz started giving ideas on our Project Aftermath....

and obviously, we love his idea!!

his idea was about an attack to overtake and pawn a system!!!

you'll know bout it quite soon hehehehe...

we changed to Lan Kwai Fong @ the Curve after we got chased out by the guard in Cineleisure

we talked about many many stuffs till around 6.30pm

some of us decided to go to the FREEZE @ Sunway while others decided to go home...

anyway, the whole bloggers day out was quite a fun and enjoyable day




lets see what the 2 mastermind says...



just ignore Thomas lolx...

PamSong : WE'll BE BACK!!


Personally, i really had fun going out with you guys... nice meeting you peeps and i'm looking forward to the next time where more people will join us =)

Oh yea, before i forgot...

THANKS to the "Official Camera Person"

RoyalShortness a.k.a David Cheong ||
Hwei Ming ||
Aaron Ho a.k.a CincauHangus ||
Nadia a.k.a Narymama ||
Nigel ||

and also other pictures providers with their digicams =)


Kel said...

shuaaa shuaa
interesting blog post
so creatively done :)

ahhahaahha and yessss cam whoring to a whole new level eh? :)


SJ said...

Yaya... Credits for them :P

pamsong said...

HEY! How come you have pics that I dun have??? WHO DIDN'T GIMMIE PICS??? Grrr. I want that one of aronil and I digging into our burgers!

Yatz said...

wahahaa..nice sets..
there's lots more to learn bout command and conquer (C&C) wtf..LOL

maybe i should organise a blogger's gathering for newbies..LOL

joshuaongys said...

> kel : haha thanks lolx...

> sj : yeaps.. they deserve the credits...

>pamsong : lolx... later go back home i send u..

> yatz : organise a bloggers gathering for newbie?? hmmm i dont get the point..

Simon Seow said...

sigh, poor you. Introduction also kena lawak.

So mana DSLR, if I take my camera out, paiseh oh.

sheon said...

hahaha..good one josh....

joshuaongys said...

> simon seow : hahah nvm la.. its not the first time also haha.. maybe my face expression is weird gua haha

> sheon : THANKS!! hehe

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