Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2 bloggers with 2 balls @ Coke Euro 2008 Campaign launch

The days in Malaysia are not exactly the same anymore, in recent years, bloggers have become more influential. Especially after the election in last month, people from various parties, organizations, companies opened their eyes and start to admit to the influence of bloggers. In their posts, Bloggers may be part of the media doing the job of promoting and advertising indirectly.

And so, more and more bloggers are invited to attend Press Screenings, Media Events, Campaign/Product Launch and etc.

Yesterday, i went to the launch of Coke Euro 2008 Consumer Campaign as part of the media, as a blogger.

Robb from Nuffnang was the one who sent out the invitations to a few bloggers and it turns out that i'm the only one who is interested in the invitation + free at that time.

I wouldn't say i'm a hardcore soccer fan, but i do watch soccer and i do have a team where i support which is the Red Devils, so i decided to go to this event when i saw the mail.

going to the place wasn't difficult for me, but finding a place to park is, luckily, i reached in time and found a place to park and met Robb there.

On the way in, being a"frog under the well", i saw quite many people from the media, all with tags, cameramen, reporters from TV3, NTV7 and etc.

Well, frankly speaking being part of THEM is quite weird,


speech by Ms Jasmin Vinculado [Marketing Manager - Spore/Msia]

a short advertisement about Euro2008 by Coca-Cola came up after the speech
and so, Robb and i were the only bloggers there......

a group picture of the VIPs
From left to right
Mr Jasmin Teo [MD of F&N Coca-Cola]
His Excellency Urs Stemmler [Ambassador to Switzerland]
His Excellency Dr Donatus Koeck [Ambassador to Austria]
Ms Jasmin Vinculado [Marketing Manager - Spore/Msia]

....taking pictures using a CANON IXUS75 + LG Viewty and not SLRs ><

various people from Mainstream Media

then there is a free time + trivia session going outside where media person will talk to another media person as well as reporters interviewing the VIPs.

so what we did during that time?

we went to this place

where they provide "Coke" spray tattoo to anyone who want it.

and got ourselves the "Coke" spray tattoos!!

well, whenever there are media events like this, there'll be foods and drinks

"Unlimited" supplies of Coke, Coke Light and Sprite

and many delicious food!!

although we are bloggers and we always do crazy stuffs, we still lined up accordingly and waited for our turns to grab the food =)

as you can see here, there are 2 interviews held side by side

when i took this picture, we were eating LOLZ

what can we do?? interview the VIPs as well??

nah, wait till we have a namecard and tag first bah.. Msian blogger namecard + tag wtf..

Oh yea, before i forgot, there are these cute food there!!


remember the trivia session i mentioned above?? i bet you FORGOT/didn't read about it huh...

Rashid Salleh who was the Emcee for the event and he was asking questions during the trivia session,8 people from the media get a chance to win an ADIDAS MATCH BALL REPLICA!!

Robb answered the question "What are the names of the Mascots for EURO2008"
and i answered the question "What are the sponsors of EURO2008"

we both answered correctly la of course, and both of us got our hands on the ball and get to bring it home!!


last week, 2 Bloggers won 2 Ipod Shuffle during the DIGI Reload Contest Media Launch

and now

2 Bloggers won 2 balls!!!


we both camwhored with the ball lolx

think whatever you want to think about the picture above.. ><

and we took pictures with the Emcee, Rashid Salleh..

if you still don't know who the heck is Rashid Salleh by now, then shame on you!! He was our very own Malaysian actor/comedian. He acted in Kopitiam.

Have no idea what is Kopitiam??

then i have nothing to say more, maybe you're not from my batch..

this was the spray tattoo i got

and the BALL!!

plus the goodies bag for each and every person there as the media!!


Basicly, the event is about Coca-Cola, now you know why did i make a post related to Coca-Cola before this.

Coca-Cola is actually having a campaign to "HELP" soccer fans to enjoy/experience the EURO2008 finals live in Austria.

A few lucky Malaysians will be watching the final game on 29 June in Vienna, Austria itself.

It is VERY easy to win in this contest.
  1. Consumers JUST NEED TO purchase Coca-Cola, Vanilla Coke, Coca-Cola Light or Sprite from 15 April to 15 June.
  2. Twist the bottle caps or bend and look under the ring tabs to reveal the winning code.
  3. Code GOL will take the winners to Austria.
  4. Code JVC correspond to a 32" JVC LCD TV.
  5. Code ADS, BAG, JSY corresponds to adidas merchandise.
  6. Code WP correspond to limited edition Coca-Cola wallpaper.
*there is one thing you need to remember here, purchase only Coca-Cola related drinks that contain the UEFA EURO2008 Logo and Info on the package(as shown in picture above).
Not every Coca-Cola drinks out there are the ones of this campaign

this is an example where you will see the code

Full contest and redemption details are available at


and again, Thanks to Nuffnang + Coca-Cola!!


SJ said...

I love PEPSI ! LoL ...

3POINT8 said...

LOL! 2 bloggers got 2 balls.
I guess you guys can share the er.....balls.

Dave from Welcome Back Rosenthal said...

Man! That's a lot of Coca Cola. I love it actually I probably would have enjoyed it.

joshuaongys said...

> sj : i love sprite hahaha

> 3point8 : hahahhaha well.. i have no comments ><

> dave : hehehe well, i did have quite a few cans of cola that day =)

pamsong said...

You know that dude in the pic who's kicking the ball? The one who won the football something something challenge. He's my colleague. =p

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