Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Finale Of MDG

Seriously, i have stopped watching MDG since episode 7-8....

Competition/Contest which involve sms voting is STUPID

talented girls have been kicked out one by one

on the other hand, they (the company) have been showing stupid scenes in the show and the show made me bored, i'm sure there are many more interesting parts of the show.. well maybe they plan to compile it up and sell it out in the market...

anyway.... eventually, i stopped watching...

but of course i read other blogs posting about them.. and i've been updated about the girls from time to time...

if you have been reading my post on MDG before this, you will know that i like Adeline, i didn't say that she have the qualitites being a Model, i just like her for being how she is, thats all... i was surprise seeing her making her to the finale now..

since i like her from start, am happy with it haha =)

about Cindy, i've posted about Cindy's blog and the comments in her blog as well, i admit that somehow i contributed to the various negative comments posted on her blog.. this is because i found her blog link and reveal it on the net, and i've been looking at my statistics from time to time and there are quite a large amount of people coming in this blog searching about MDG and leaving my blog to Cindy's blog. Of course, KennySia posted her blog link as well haha and for sure much more people went to her blog through KennySia's one compared to mine. I was surprise seeing her going into the Finale as well. But well, since she was my friend's friend Ex, i shall not say comment anymore about that.

Hanis, this girl have been the favourites since start. She was a sweety since start with her manja and sweet image. People were praising her more than commenting negatively about her. This girl was one of the black horse in this competition and i'm not shocked knowing that she got through.

Now that the voting have already ended, the finale is set and will be held at 1 Utama LG Oval today, 29th April 2008 at 6.30pm.

i wouldn't predict who will win or hope that who will win, as i've said previously Competition/Contest which involve sms voting is STUPID

Lets just hope that the winner will make us Malaysian proud =)

so, how many of you are going later?? hmmm

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KY said...

it's all about the moolah. :D

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