Monday, April 07, 2008

how did Nadia of manage to get in top 5 in INNIT

Nadia of and ThomasYap of had a conversation and came up with this wicked plan...

then, Thomas proceeded with the plan by posting about the stuffs he cant stand with Nadia

and Nadia replied back almost immediately and they both went on with the plan with Nadia posting her post in INNIT

well, soon enough, her post was nang-ed by 60 nuffnangers and everyone seem to buy their wicked plan..


so in short, they succeeded in going on with their plan and Congrats to them... and they left us innocent nuffnangers out there looking like idiots...

*luckily i didn't leave any comments to criticize Thomas lolx..

well i have a chat with Nadia personally and.....

Narymama : you think ppl stil wan read my blog anot?
~Y[S]~ ™ : lol
Narymama : after this whole drama thing
Narymama : i scared they think im always gona lie
~Y[S]~ ™ : hmm i will at least hahaha
~Y[S]~ ™ : ppl will read lar
Narymama : lol
Narymama : but u find it funny anot?
Narymama : whole thing is to make ppl laugh at it wan
Narymama : i didnt know ppl will take it so seriously
Narymama : actually when i got 60 nangs...i was like...oh shit.....sure very hard to end this
~Y[S]~ ™ : hehehhehehehe
~Y[S]~ ™ : i dont find it funny.. didnt campur tangan also haha
~Y[S]~ ™ : jz nang and den left msg in ur blog dats all
Narymama : LOL
Narymama : apa la u
Narymama : everyone in innit shud flame each other
Narymama : create innit war!!!!!!!!!

and so, how did Nadia got in the top 5 in INNIT?? SHE CHEATED HER WAY IN!! lolx

oh ya btw i checked on The Blog Readability Test website

and the results show that her blog's reading level is : GENIUS.. What The Fish!!??

only a genius can understand her blog wtf... Zzzz

anyhow, their plan is good so... HAHA.. good job to them!! =)

to those who have been cheated by them : LETS BOYCOTT THEM!! ><


pamsong said...

You said it lah. BOYCOOOOOTTTTT!!!!!!!

3POINT8 said...

I think those who read the prank and fail realise the truth later (because they forgot the check their blog update or something like that) may boycott them because such hatred was displayed in both blogs.

People like me who appreciates great mind, will still support them. I think they are very good in the art of manipulation. you just gotta respect that kind of quality.

Johnny Ong said...

joshua, when i saw it i got a feeling it was not what it seems to be. i even wrote in thomas blog saying the same....hehe

renaye said...

wow. hate mails... backstabbing ... is this really the dark side of malaysians? what happen to our peace loving mode? sudah hancur kah?

haha. and the funny thing is i don't even know what's INNIT until i went to the site and firs i got to know from here.

joshuaongys said...

> pamsong : YES!!

> 3point8 : hehehehe i do respect them hahaha..

> johnny ong : you clever lorh!! haha

> renaye : since when we have a peace loving mode?? hehehe its not too late to know about innit!! =)

julian said...

Maybe it would have been better on the first April...

joshuaongys said...

more people would suspect it is a set up if it is posted then... =)

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