Monday, September 15, 2008

9 Bloggers - 6 Guys 3 Girls on the 2nd part of Genting Trip

Continue from part 1.....

We walk around and chill till 8.40pm before we proceed to the pavilion for the Dreamz show.

The show was a bit boring, other than that it was ok. Most of use like the part most on the stunts with the bikes. Of course i love the few parts when the white lion and the white tiger came out, it was a bit too short.

David & HsuJen joined us after that!!!

and we headed back to our room....

we were silly and these are the silly stuffs we did


and they both brought us supper!! xD

Imagine eating "dai chow" food up in Genting, SYIOK!

We ate, chat and played in the room, of course, we finished up the food in no time... everyone was like bitebitebite, swallowswallowswallow and bitebitebite.... xD

and then we decide to go out and have a sip of coffee enjoying the breeze.....

a group picture was taken before we go..

something we notice after we left the hotel... lolx just infront of Genting theme park

Oh and while we were going up the stairs/escalator, david and nigel raced up the stairs... Big Boys.. lolx

we spent quite long walking here and there as most of us are not really sure where is the exact location of the place we want to go, Coffee Bean...

we found the place after like... half an hour?? or probably more than that.... o.O

the stuffs we chat, all the time, its all funny and we were noisy, you wont want to know what did nigel did that night as well, its so hilarious!!! i laughed so hard that i had stomach pain for quite a few minutes... it was really funny.... hee

in the night, before we sleep, nigel told us some bedtime stories.....

nah, lolx we played some games, many rounds, many stuffs, many nonsense kekekekee and we slept around erm... 6-7am... with snores and farts.... and a nenek out of no where..... o.O

Genting trip is always simple, nice and easy.. and of course with just a few hours of sleeping.

we left the place around noon time and headed to this restaurant near batu caves..

famous for its food, we have to book tables and line up.

yes we waited quite long... and spent our time camwhoring again..

anyway, it was worth the wait as i think that the food there was quite nice..


it was a fun and enjoyable trip, looking forward to the next one which is erm..... sometime near future i hope...


till then, i hope the pictures entertain you enough as i have really little to talk about on this trip. I have many stuffs to talk about actually, but its not so suitable to talk about it here in my post. The stuffs are too spicy for you to handle i would say. Haha. Stuffs that are only among those who went to this trip thats it.

Love you Peeps!!!
*pictures by everyone


Nigelais said...

What bedtime stories? Haha.

joanne said...

looks like you really had fun with the trip! nice pictures! :)

joshuaongys said...

> nigelais : u know la =D

> joanne : yeaps i had fun in the trip! thanks!!

3POINT8 said...

wha...another gathering~~
u guys are good!

JustinKC said...

Owh.....i wish i can be part of it. Too bad im not in KL hehehe, if would be fun going up to genting with group of bloggers

joshuaongys said...

> 3point8 : of cuz!! we Rox!!!

> justinkc : hahaha nex time when u're in kl den u organize one la!

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