Wednesday, September 03, 2008

2008 Merdeka's Eve @ Republic

Last Saturday was Merdeka's Eve. Being a not-so patriotic person, i didn't really bother to plan anything for that night. Don't get me wrong, I love Malaysia, Its just those idiots who're taking control of this country that is making the country a not-so desirable place to stay in.

Anyway, cut the crap, the plan of spending my time during the countdown of Merdeka's Day came out just 2 days before 30th of August. It was a plan to go out with some crazy people and spend the time in Republic @ Sunway. Yes i call them crazy people, no reasons for that, they are just pure insane!! =D

So i was with the peeps hanging out @ Republic around 10pm++. First of all, i shall explain to you guys why i say these peeps are crazy.

Normally, when people points a camera at you, most people and i mean most people will avoid you by either showing you the hand or just cover their face. Alright, maybe for those who loves taking pictures, they will smile in front of the camera and let you take pictures. But you see here....

THEY POSE LIDAT WOR!!! I TELL YOU I DIDN'T ASK THEM TO POSE LIDAT WAN LOR!!! THEY AUTOMATICLY POSE LIDAT AND THEN LET ME TAKE PICTURE. IT WAS LIKE TOTALLY RANDOM. Alright that might not show they are crazy, that picture might just show that they are a bunch of fun people but believe me i have much more crazy pictures + stories, just that some are not really suitable to be shared. =D HAHA 
* shyte, that makes me a crazy person as well, cuz i mix with them quite often recently... o.O

So, back to that night!!

Got people play games....

Got people taking pictures everywhere!

Got people gossiping..... o.O

as well as some people posing as well!!! lolx

and Thomas seems to be unhappy on that with Aaron posing... What to do??
So to make things a little bit less complicated... we...

and immediately thomas and aaron shake hands and hug back wtf....

alright enough of craps by me.. =)

Many camwhores moment were shared among the people that night...

Of course, i wouldn't want to be left out, so i...

camwhored too... O.O pathetic hor?? or in other words, kiasu!! lolx

Amy, Mae and SanSan being random.. =)

Nadia and Jentzen being the unexpected ones that night!! Nice meeting you both again!!

PekSan is one of the friends that i consider myself close with and i'm guilty for not finding her all these while as she's going to fly overseas soon to further her studies. and so, when this last minute plan came up spending my time in Sunway, i thought of asking her out and thankfully she's free on that night.

PekSan, although i didn't talk much to you that night, i'm happy to meet you. It was nice meeting you again. Lolx. If can, hope to see you one day again SOON before you leave to overseas. I hope.

At last, thanks to Nuffnang and Republic for everything.
It was a nice Merdeka's Eve celebration i woulds say.
Thanks. xD

and yea, before i end this post, this is the featured person of this post. NigelSia.

The list of people who were there :


Nigelais said...

What the...

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

And that special someone would be?

BLue said...

I saw alot NN bloggers, sure fun if go club with a bunch of ppl -.-

Simon Seow said...

Why I didn't know about this?

joshuaongys said...

>nigelais : why wat the?? hmmm

>wetwetwater : hehehe someone laa

> blue : yeaps its fun!!

> simon seow : u expect urself to know everything meh?? i also duno everything laaa =)

UncleJosh said...

as usual, your blog is so happening eh... :) so nice~!

joshuaongys said...

> unclejosh : harr???!!! O.O

Yatz said...

peksan cunnnnnn!!
sherry also cun..kelli also cun..shengmae also cun..amy also cun..all cun la wtf..waste saliva only..

kelz said...

yatz: u celaka la dowan come :P

tom said...

whoa..!! first picture is ME!! muahahah

where can like that wan..
why you like that..
don like that can or not!!... said...

joshua: who was the special one wor.. hahaa

simon: walau eh.. u big shot arr?

joshuaongys said...

> yatz : lolx u paling cun i tell u, but u didn't come!

> kelz : he mmg celaka wan.. hmphf

> tom : yea ngam ngam the word behind ur shirt is republica ma lolx

> : lolx u know lar!! babi ask sumore!!

Yatz said...

hahahah wtf..told u i got private booze session ma..gonna post it soon..

thomas >> why cannot like that? okla..dun wan rebut with u >.<

Schmae said...



SJ said...

Mae, you want to be? LoL :D

joshuaongys said...

> yatz : roflmao yea bring ur booze and join us ma!! bring ur whole gang come lolx the more the merrier wtf.. haha

> schmae : O.O ermm.. that's a very tricky question mae... nvm la k?? you was that special someone long time ago.. for like a few hours only =D k?? hugs hahahaha

> sj : she sure dowan de... =(

peksan said...

come to cyberjaya to look for me lar...


i still have 9 days here...

peksan said...

terima kasih yatz...

yalor..waste saliva and few minutes of ur life typing...hahaha...

Schmae said...


niseey said...

aiks. shud have called thomas to check on him. i was just nearby. man..missed out meeting you lovely peeps again !! aish ~ =(

joshuaongys said...

> peksan : soo... far..... =(

> schmae : awwwwww *hugssss* you're special also la k?? heee =D

> niseey : ahhh u were nearby!! dang... where were u dat time... in the countdown??? hmm nvm laaa.. nex time k??? hugss

Yatz said...

peksan in putrajaya woooot..
hmm..what will i get if i go find her wtf *rubbing chin*..LOL

joshuaongys said...

> yatz : hahaha u'll get nothing muahahahhaa

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