Wednesday, September 10, 2008

review on Black Water

This movie is set to be release tomorrow 11 Sept 2008 in Malaysia's Cinema. Thanks to Nuffnang that i can watch this movie earlier.

What you can't see can hurt you.

With the log line - A terrifying tale of survival in a crocodile inhabited mangrove swamp.

It isn't THAT terrifying to me i would say. Instead i do think its a bit boring from time to time. This is a modest budget movie with only 3 leading actors/actress in one main location being filmed.

The 3 main characters went for a holiday and arrived at a mangrove swamp inhabited by one crocodile. Of course, as expected, the crocodile attacks and casualties happens.

Although they find ways to get out of the location, they failed miserably and one by one, the characters died, and the funny thing was i am able to predict who will die first and who will next. I'm usually very bad at predicting such stuffs in a movie.

In this movie, the crocodile is a rather cocky crocodile i would say. The picture above showing the crocodile appearing in front of the girls and all of them stoned there for a few seconds with the crocodile staring at the girls who're stoning.

i thought the crocodile will attack them once there's a chance and not like staring at them "showing off" in front of them. Like telling them and hinting that "they are being watched!"

well, maybe crocodiles are like that. I don't know. =X

and as i've mentioned above, the storyline is pretty predictable where i am right in guessing who's the last survivor in the movie. Overall i would say that this movie is a NOT-SO interesting movie. Storyline is boring and pretty predictable, the climax part does not really catch my attention, there's one part where i really felt like leaving the cinema. Seriously, there're much more interesting movies showing in the cinema.

So if you're really into crocodiles movie like this movie, go download it or go to your nearest "pasar malam". That will do. Unless you watch it on Wednesday for RM6 or you buy it @ student price, if not, its not worth it. =)

my rating for this movie is 4/10


Iris said...

Thanks for the review! I think i am so not watching this show. Hhahaha. Bur i realised there's not many intresting shows lately. I think the last good movie i watched in cinema was WALLE! ANy suggestion on what to watch?

Rogue said...

cool photographic review. Hmmm.. i have the feeling that you are fond of this kind of movies.. you already know how to predict things...and in good order! hahaha

Wanderer... said...

You are a dead meet indeed. The croc I see in that image looks like a monstrous carnovorous cold blooded reptile indeed.

iLovPh2 said...

It is more of "eaten meat" than "dead meat" ... good photos to assist your review.

joshuaongys said...

> iris : aha you're welcome. Yes there're not many interesting shows lately. hmm suggestion on what to watch? lolx go watch back old movies!! haha i just watch ace ventura last week with some of my friends! awesome!! heee

> rogue : thanks and no la i'm not fond of this kind of movies hehehe. this is the only time i can predict the storyline which means that the storyline is not really good.. hmmm

> wanderer... : hahahaha it was in the movie!

> iloveph2 : eaten meat = dead meat same bah hahaha thanks anyway!

bintang4 said...

Don't bother to watch this stupid movie..and it's not new, blu-ray version already released..I've downloaded it back in Feb '08.

Andrew said...

Well, living here in Cairns in Australia, we go fishing in boats the same size that you have in the stills of the movie.

We always take the tact that the crocodile that you can see is the one that isn't dangerous (they all are), but it's the ones that you can't that are to be worried about.

Crocs may not attack the first or second time that you go to a certain area; they are cunning and will watch observing your habits. Mr fisherman may be able to sit on the bank once, twice maybe even three times, but sooner or later he will become dinner if he doesn't vary his habits.

I've only ever encountered one in the wild and it took off in the opposite direction; it was about 2m in length.

joshuaongys said...

> bintang4 : haha i've watch it well..

> andrew : thx for the info man... yea thats what happen in the movie O.O

Iris said...

Hey Joshua, Thanks for the idea. WATCH OLD MOVIEs!! Ace Ventura is a great choice but i think i want to watch THE ISLAND! I remember loving that show when i first watch it:)

joshuaongys said...

> iris : lolx the island is newer than ace ventura rite?? lolx

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