Sunday, September 14, 2008

Clorets Amateur Pole Dancing Finals

I'm like one week late on posting this event. I've been waiting for pictures to come in before i blog but too bad the only source i have was Nigel. The others, fail la. Lolx. They are too busy with their own stuffs hmmm. Alright lets start!

It was on the 5th of September. The Clorets Amateur Pole Dancing Finals @ Zouk Mainroom. Thanks to Nuffnang, i was there with Nigel, HweiMing, Aaron, David, Kelli, Sheng Mae & HsuJen.

Everyone was in the jam while i took public transport there straight after my work so i was there quite early, half an hour before the event starts

Well, the event was suppose to start @ 6.30 but they started late. Guess the traffic did its wonder for late malaysians.

and so, those who were suppose to go in with me reached in time before the event started

it was quite an impressive start. For me.

the girls performed in group at the start

they were well trained and practiced quite much i assume. They managed to grab the attention of the crowd during the whole performance.

After that, the emcees came out and everyone cheered as they were pretty well known among the people. xD

Liang and HannahT

In the middle of the event, the have a mini little game where Kelli and David joined. =)

The game was about the girls throwing Clorets into the guys mouth and the couple who have most clorets wins.

they were enjoying throwing and the guys were enjoying opening their mouth BIGBIG.

Basicly, everyone was a winner where each of them got themselves a goodie bag back home. lolx

Oh yea, before i forgot there was a part where Pietro and HannahT showing us pole dancing. O.O sorry no videos or more pictures. I was paying full attention and i didn't take any pictures on this. Lolx.

Soon the finalists were chosen and they have to come out and compete again. Of course, in pole dancing. Enjoy the pictures will ya?

and again, i'm sorry, just part of the girls. Lack of pictures. Really, i'm paying attention as well. Forgive me. =X

The judges marking the points.

After that there was this part, another game to pull a few people from the crowd to do some pole dancing. Along with some of the celebrities there including Harith Iskandar. You should see how Harith dance!! Damn entertaining haha.

Of course, and again, everyone was a winner at the end of the day getting a goodie bag as well.

There were some performance again. Videos provided at the end of the post. =P

Soon we reached to the end of the event where the winners are going to be announce.

and contestant Num9, Lili won the competition.

The remaining winners.

A good start and a good end to the event as well!!

many flashes were exchange everywhere in the place.

from start till the end. xD

a random one.

the contestants and the emcees/celebrities.

part of us. Lolx why am i not paying attention i wonder. Ah i know why.

Its because of her!!

Hannah Tan

Met her before in a few places. One is because of this.

Frances was there as one of the finalist hehehee

and yea, these days, whenever Hannah appears in an event, he'll be there...

Leonard Chua

someone i met a long long time ago. The YA Forumers times. Gosh its been quite some time. xD

It was awesome.

The start of a busy night that day but it was nice. =D

Free flows of drinks and food provided for the VIPs, what can i say more?

Thanks To Nuffnang for the passes!!

Videos :

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

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*pictures by Nigel and Me


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