Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a shitty start to a week

Life have been on a slightly slower pace lately where i have time doing some other more personal stuffs. Its been great.

But a few specific stuffs have been bothering me lately. One of it is the stupid act of my idiotic boss. I've rant it to a few people personally and that's it i won't write it here unless he become more and more idiotic that is and i SHALL blog about all his idiotic acts ALL THESE WHILE.

Apart from that, i just got myself involve in some really "sucky" incident. Just hours ago only. Sigh. Really Crappy i would say.

The only few things i can claim to be happy with is the random YumCha session yesterday with a few of the crazy ones. Lots of stories were narrated. The best part of it was the stories were ORIGINAL as well as HOT & SPICY at the same time!! and yes it lasted us a few hours. Amazing! xD

and just now i was with 3 of them AGAIN 2 days in a row and we were discussing & brain storming on some stuffs which i would say is VERY VERY INTERESTING. If that would be accepted that is. Now i do hope i can type out some interesting points on what we've brainstormed just now.

came back and chatted with a few peeps and was blog hopping and i saw this.

Picture stolen from here

i don't know about you but i thought that the shirt is quite cool xD

and i came across this joke as well which made me smile

One Sunday afternoon, there are three couples in the park talking about their theme songs.
Couple 1: Do you guys know that our theme song is the best theme song for a couple out there?
Couples 2 and 3: Let’s see, what is it?
Couple 1: Our theme song is “ENDLESS LOVE”.
Couple 2: That’s cool but ours is better than yours!
Couples 1 and 3: Owwwsss, tell us what is it?
Couple 2: Well, it’s title is “TILL DEATH DO US PART”.
Couple 3: Your theme songs are meaningless compared to ours!
Couples 1 and 2: Really? So what is your theme song?
Couple 3: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! You guys have a problem with that?

funny? no? =X

i am feeling a bit better already. Thanks to those for the comforts. You know who you are.

To others, hope you have a great week yea.


Melissa said...

visiting and reading your post here. thanks

joshuaongys said...

> melissa : thanks =D

Felicia said...

Yeah, that funny. Well at least that did make me smile a lil.. It is one my gloomy days.

joshuaongys said...

> felicia : ahh good good!! lolx =)

Marcus said...

Just when I thought my life could not be more boring and lackluster, that Tshirt greeted me with a big smile.

joshuaongys said...

> marcus : ahhh glad that what made me smile made another person smile =P its a cool t-shirt rite?? *beams*

Joshua said...

Hahaha. That shirt is great. :D

joshuaongys said...

> joshua : you think so too?? great hehehe

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