Monday, September 08, 2008

Cut the Crap, I Love Malaysia

*this post is a review on a book 50+1 . Malaysia.

Its been one week since Malaysia's 51st birthday and the situation in Malaysia is not getting any better. Racist issues have surfaced again with some idiots making some really foolish remarks added with a few more idiots jumping into the tok-kok pool where they do more talking than action. Lets not elaborate on that but still, you can see other case that's sad through the main stream media such as crimes happening here and there, flood at various places which already caused casualty as well as injuries and etc.

and despite having all these negatives in our countries all these years, i still pretty much love my country Malaysia. Having quite a number of friends around me talking about migrating, leaving the country, getting higher pay overseas and etc, i still find Malaysia a great place to stay in.

Compared to other countries, 51 years of independence is not really long, but it's not a short period as well. For most of the time all these years, people in Malaysia have been adapting to the environment quite well i would say mixing with different races around them accepting and even living in multiple cultures eating a variety of food made by different races.

I'm pretty sure many of you goes to mamak stall for YumCha session most of the times, Nasi Lemak or Roti Canai is a must for breakfast for some people out there. The sambal is what all malaysians are familiar with and it can be added into many types of cooking.

You use the word "lah" frequently with other "lah" speaking people every single day and night. At most times, the word one will be follow by the word lah... He dowan one lah, Aiyo, you damn cute one lah...

Regardless of what races you are, you'll use the phrase "ta pao" when you're having food take away from stalls outside. From time to time you'll "kau tim" some issues or problems with people around you which consist of different races.

Coming out from our daily routine with our conversations with lah, one, ta pao and etc, we have some of the most beautiful places on earth in our very own country. Cherating Beach in Pahang, Sipadan Island in Sabah, Gua Tempurung in Perak. We have some really interesting heritage sites as well, many of them in Melaka, some in many other states.

Some really interesting buildings with fascinating architectures, modern ones like KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, older ones like Khoo Kongsi in Penang. Lakes and Mountains like Tasik Chini and Mount Kinabalu. The Various festival we celebrate together throughout the year, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and Christmas day as well.

Of course, one really really important part of being a Malaysian is being able to taste and eat the many types of food cooked in various methods by different races living in different cultures. I would say that the foods here in Malaysia can beat any other food in any other parts of the world. We really have the best food around in where we're staying.
*although i never did travel to any other part of the world =X

Basicly, the stuffs i wrote above were mentioned in the book i'm reviewing in this post. As much as they are the facts written in the book, the things i type and write here are my thoughts as well living as a Malaysian in Malaysia.

Actually, I have lots of stuffs to write on Malaysia but NO i won't elaborate more before i get you bored with my "sucky" English, my writing skills sucks and it's nothing compared to some of the other bloggers out there who could really write well. =D

There're many more stuffs mentioned in the book 50+1.Malaysia. Many many other stuffs with details and interesting information on Malaysia. 50+1.Malaysia is a book, a project itself started by a fellow blogger QuaChee. A book compiling almost all the wonderful things in Malaysia. The things that will make us proud being a Malaysian. As much as i enjoyed reading the book, i find myself understanding the country a little bit more and of course..

loving my country more. =)

We have a few races, religions & beliefs amongst us Malaysians and we have been living in harmony all these while and its all these wonderful stuffs that unites us together living the quote "MALAYSIA BOLEH"!!!.

Find more Info on 50+1.Malaysia or get yourself a copy @ themalaysiapage for RM19.90.


*thx to QuaChee for the book.


§pinzer said...

i love malaysia too *teary eye*

Anonymous said...

Malay-sia is not:-

Yatz said...

kami anak bangsa malaysia wtf

~JoAnNi~ said...

Sure we got some racism issues here and there. But there's a lot of acceptance and tolerance too. And i agree, Malaysia is a great place. =)

munytang said...

Totally agree, Malaysia is the best. Not many natural disaster except for when some of the ministers open their mouth....

joshuaongys said...

> §pinzer : awww... lolx go get hug from someone!!

> anonymous : its people like YOU who are causing trouble in this country!! so what if its call MALAY-sia?? SO WHAT?? its the people here who have live together for 51 yrs.. and what is WRONG with you?? keeping anonymous posting such comments?? *shakes head* no balls betul..

> yatz : mmg anak bangsa malaysia ftw!

> ~joanni~ : yea, way lot of acceptance and tolerance in this country which is a good thing i would say, GO MALAYSIA!

> munytang : hahahah you mean when some of the ministers open their mouth then there'll be natural disaster?? LOLx well ignore them bah...

*lynne* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
*lynne* said...

[sorry, saw waaaay too many typos too late, had to re-post this comment!]

great review :) I've been tempted to pick it up when I'm back home, now I'm almost all the way there :) Hopefully there'll still be some on sale at the end of the year!

I am Malaysian first and foremost, and have no interest in perpetuating all that divisive racial politics that seems to be all too common nowadays...

joshuaongys said...

> *lynne* > hahahahah its alrite! good thing someone like my review on this book =D and yes you should get it as its only rm19.90 with many useful information on Malaysia. hahaha yes, just throw aside all those politics and love malaysia from a different perspective that is!!


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