Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hennessy Artistry Press Conference & Gossip Event

Attended the press conference of Hennessy Artistry @ Orange Club just yesterday.

Along with me is a bunch of bloggers. Lazy to type names and add links gah sorry peeps.

The press conference was suppose to start at 6PM but of course, according to Malaysian timing, it started late.

I've been to the last 2 H.A @ Aloha & Bukit Kiara respectively. I really have not much comments on the one at Aloha but the one at Bukit Kiara back in July was a blast.

and now this time, they are bringing in the likes of Until June, The DEY and Shayne Ward. Seriously, i have no idea who's Until June and The DEY, sorry to their fans but i only know Shayne Ward. I've been listening to his album a few years back when he got famous in the international scene.

I guess i have to pay more attention on tonight's performance by Until June and The DEY then. =D

Anyway, in the press conference, PamChong was the emcee with a short intro by the Brand Manager of Hennessy VSOP, Mr. Foo Ken Vin. Then after that, there's this Q&A session

Until June

Questions was then field to Until June regarding the direction their music is heading and a teaser of what to expect tomorrow at the event - MikeYip.


This was followed by The DEY talking about their own background in music and what they are bringing to the stage tomorrow - MikeYip.

Shayne Ward

Shayne Ward was the last to take to the mic talking about his previous Hennessy Artistry experience and how he’ll carry that energy over from those sets to perform for the KL crowd-MikeYip.

The whole press conference was pretty fast with not much questions coming out from the media, and gosh am so jealous on some bloggers that managed to take a picture with Shayne Ward himself hahaha, GOOD FOR YOU GUYS. hehehe

Performing peeps looks promising. =)

and for those who never been to Orange Club, this is one of the picture above.

Headed to Gossip Event in Asia Cafe later on.

There's this band which is soooooo hyperactive and loud which is.... no comment...

the finalist of So You Think You Can Dance S2. Their performance was good in some parts but overall it shows that they still have not enough of practise together. Maybe the individuals are too busy after shooting to fame in the reality TV competition show.

the only performance that i can say is VERY VERY GOOD / AWESOME is the one from

Juwita Suwito

this singer Juwita Suwito above. I get to know of this person in one of the H.U.G.E Camp a few years back and was stunned by her vocals at the moment and since then i saw her in various camps, concerts, workshops and of course events. She's a servant of GOD, a really nice person and most importantly, her voice is WOW.

The other performance in GOSSIP don't really appeals to me so i shall skip it then. Anyhow good job to those who have put this event altogether. Afterall, this event is organize for a good cause itself to create the awareness and educate people on Violence on Woman.

So, yeah, Good Job!!

thanks to Steph K for everything and of course MikeYip who got the signatures above.


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*all pictures Credits to Stanley/ShuJian


Cathy said...

eii..i thought the event is today??yatz told me sat night one??

joshuaongys said...

> cathy : which event? H.A? yes ar its today. =D its the press conference in this post le

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