Monday, July 21, 2008

Hennessy Artistry @ Bukit Kiara Part 1

As i've said Hennessy Artistry RAWKS!!!

It's a happening event and its so cool and generous for the sponsors to organize such HUGE AMAZING HAPPENING event!!!

Lets start shall we??

On that day..... =)

a bunch of us headed to Hartamas and gathered @ Spicy.

Had our "dinner" and exchange a few chats before heading down to Bukit Kiara.

Left Hartamas at around 9pm and when we reach the place we were amazed on how BIG is this event.

After minutes of stoning with a few of us(including me) being "jakuns", we proceeded to the counter to get ourselves the "wristband".

queuing up

we went to the "red carpet" after we got ourselves "registered"

and we took photos!! =)

Back row : Nigel, Aaron, ShuJian
Front row : David, Amy, KelLi, ShengMae, Me, Randy

Goh, MunHoe, YewJoe, Me, Shien Li, Hoong Wai, Yin Soon, Chris

Saw Gareth there snapping photos and i decided to take a picture with him =)

we stayed there around the "red carpet" area quite long, meeting more people that we know and chatting here and there!

Anyway, soon, we went into the Indoor Arena and gosh

they really did a good job setting up the whole place..

and there're 4 main VIP places

Hennessy KL for the celebrities

Hennessy Shanghai for the ones who RSVP online

Hennessy Paris for the corporate people

and at last the one i'm in.. Hennessy Miami for the media people..
GOSH thats so... haha apparently there're a bunch of bloggers there in Miami side. =P
*hope i didn't get it wrong.. correct me if i'm wrong =)

there're many people there already by the time we got it...

Meet the MAN, MD of Riche Monde Malaysia and Singapore, Mr Frederic Noyere

before the artists came out to entertain us, we have to entertain ourselves... we take pictures then =X

Amy-the-one-that-we-will-miss-very-much and i

ShengMae the past and i

David, Nigel and Adeline

and Davidlai came to entertain us as well with me being the object =]

bending a coin!!!

Saw other peeps there as well

KY-who-speaks, Ringo-who-cheese, Ching, Me
*@ Ching, nice meeting you again!! and yea MACHI RAWKS!!!

Ginny's bf-Fugz, Ginny, Me
* nice meeting u fugz =)

Left Picture : Danny was one of the crew there!! O.O cool!!
Right Picture : the cool Hikaru, me

Desmond, Diana, Me

Natalie-the-hypertune-babe and i
*nice seeing you around and yea, say hi to your bf on behalf of me!! =)

Steph K and i
*thanks for everything, my junior!! Lets go back to school one day!! HAHA

alright, enough pictures of me with people, more in part 2..

Back to that day,

Pop Shuvit the rock band was the very first one to entertain us and i must say that their way of playing and their music is quite good!! =)

then the group i'm looking forward to came up

and yea, i'm biased so i have more photos on them!! HAHA

Mike took damn nice pictures right??

including this also!!!!!

and this picture of Jeff-Machi

and THIS!! Melody of Machi!!

i love her before i even see her!!!

okay let me make things clear, i actually love her album and enjoy listening to her songs/voice =p

and now that i see her in person and so near some more, i like her even more =)

So, i shall stop here first... take a half time break alright??

will post part2 soon!!

Kelz, Steph, and Sasha

with more party pictures

and of course, the main attraction, FLO RIDA. =)

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Stay Tuned!!


Jeffro said...

Wah.. pergi Hennessy Artistry tak ajak.. >.<

ShaolinTiger said...

Nice shots Josh :)

joshuaongys said...

> jeffro : o.O haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ><

joshuaongys said...

> shaolintiger : whoa.. thanks man.. lolx your shots nicer lar.. FASTER UPDATE MORE ON YOUR BLOG =p

Michael Yip said...

You got the area mixed up.

PARIS is for Corporate

Shanghai is for public/online rsvp

yapthomas said...

Why I don't see Frederic there!!

I was out of focus that nite.. ahha

Jeffro said...


joshuaongys said...

> michael yip : THANKS!! hahah will change it!! haha

> yapthomas : maybe he's @ anthr place d leh... =)

> jeffro : lolx =P

KY said...

ooo so many many people!

joshuaongys said...

> ky : you're there also la hahahaha u didn't see anyone??

amb3r1te said...

i like that pic of us! *grabs*

joshuaongys said...

> amb3r1te : LOLX hahahaha nice hor!!

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