Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hennessy Artistry @ Bukit Kiara Part 2

Continue from Part 1...

The picture taking sessions never ended from start till end in the night itself...

especially with the peeps... hahahaha crazy peeps they are!!

both Aaron and Nigel have a glass while ShengMae and i don't have a glass... so i should be doing like what ShengMae does in the picture huh?? o.O

CloseEyeDavid, Jan, Aaron, ShengMae, Nigel, Me
Obviously, david and jan is not concentrating over here!! =P

Andrew, Nigel, Me

Andrew was there, glad to see him!! haha lets go YumCha again!!

and "mamalia sekalian", let me present to you... the vodka with strawberry!!!


YES, she's a well known actress!!!


She told me a secret that day... something to do with her best friend, Jason...

YOU DON'T KNOW JASON?? here he is...

ShuJian, Jason, Jamie, MunHoe, Randy

Okay la, don't want to be too crappy here... =p

so here...

is Adeline and i =P

Bored of all the pictures already and you want Flo Rida??

Here you go!!

From the moment he come out, everyone was shouting crazily...


and well, if you read my first post, i am more into MACHI, so i just went like this..

=0 uuhhhhhhhhhh

then everyone seems to be a little bit more high, enjoying themselves more, and getting even more crazy!! =p

just look at how ShengMae enjoy herself!!!

ShengMae, ShienLi, Amy
alright a random picture here =)

Okay, just enjoy the pictures without words in between yea... for a short moment...

Everyone went ecstatic when the DJ came out with the music getting "louder"

just look how enjoy they were!!

sorry lar not so MANY girls pictures

like these above...


but i guess all these pictures are enough bah. There are more of course, but you know larh, some picture are not suitable to be view, HAHA So, you want to see more?? then next time you have to attend these event yourself!! =P

and remember what i've mentioned at the start of this post?? The pictures taking sessions lasted from start till the end...

Not-me-Joshua's-GF PeiMan, Me, my-super-duper-senior Jenifer
Hikaru in background

Left Picture - Jan and i
Right Picture - Christ and i

Crazy peeps - ShienLi, Jan, HoongWai, YewJoe
and Goh behind them haha


Left Pic - YinSoon, Mao
Right Pic - Christ, YinSoon


THE GIRLS IN BLACK- Kate, Jan, HsuJen, ShienLi, Kelli, ShengMae, Amy

Crazy peeps again - i've mentioned their names already right??

Goh, Christ, ShienLi, Me, YewJoe, HoongWai

Crazy peeps again take 2 and yes i think you might get bored of their names already.. haha dont care lar..

the party ended quite late but we left the scene quite early.. around 1am++

well we wont want to be caught in a jam nor a police roadblock.. so...

we headed to SS2 Murni for a YumCha session =p


And so, here's the end of this event from me to you. =P

*to those whom i already knew(you know who you are), NICE MEETING YOU PEOPLE AGAIN!!!!
**to those new friends i made that night, NICE TO MEET YOU! =)

I'm really grateful for the pass to get into this very happening event. All thanks to the parties and personnel involved which include Hennessy Artistry, Nuffnang, Nicholas, Steph, and Yatz.

and well, if you still have not get enough of this event from me, you can always go to the links below on their side of coverage on this event.

Enjoy!! =P

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Jeffro said...

Wootz! Hmm.. ShengMae looks drunk in the earlier group pictures.. LOLx.. *shhh* I said nothing.. ^_^

joshuaongys said...

> jeffro : hahaha she purposely look lidat wan!! =)

babychyu said...

u guys went murni? waaaaah! i never been there so long dy ~

Jeffro said...

LOL! reli? Kekeke XD

Nigelais said...

Awesome update with loads of pics! Go Joshua go!

joshuaongys said...

> babychyu : ya wor.. nex time we go there la k?? hahah

> jeffro : yeaps 100% sure!! hah

> nigelais : YAY!!! okay GOOOO!! erm. go where??

Queenz said...

great party!!
I wish I am there too. Also, It is near where I stay. Josh, When i am back from Australia you must bring me along and check it out. I want to be a part in the photo. haha!!

joshuaongys said...

> queenz : hahaha yes its great!! LOLX if u come back and ngamngam dat time got these kinda party den can lo =)

Simon Seow said...

Chyu you left so early and left me alone. I also went to Murni with a different gang lol.

joshuaongys said...

> simon seow : lolx simon den i saw u there marh hahaha in murni!! and i tot u are with many frens in the night itself?

Nicholas Chay said...

nice seeing you there, glad you enjoyed the party :D

joshuaongys said...

> nicholas chay : nice seeing u there too!! and again THANK YOU!! =p

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

wetwetwater spotted in Murni! LOL!
awesome event! woohoo!

joshuaongys said...

> wetwetwater : lolx the end of the table there rite hahahha YES AWESOME EVENT!! =p

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