Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DGMB : We Are Family

For those people who came to this post here through this title : A day where Kelli and Nigel fight.....

this post is to tell you that NO, THEY DIDN'T FIGHT!!

to those people who messaged me on MSN asking me about it, that proves that how many people are actually so busybody stepping their legs into places they don't belong and just being three eight ifyouknowwhatdoesthatmean.

well if you hope to see fights happening between them then HAHAHAHA YOU WON'T!! Sorry la to disappoint you, go somewhere else to find a fight or maybe you can even watch the whole series of movies Young & Dangerous. =)

in DGMB, we're one Happy Family. xD


sheon said...

whoooopeee!!!! family!!!!

i dun care...i am still buying whatever sally121 is selling on lowyat.net.

Yatz said...

LOL wtf sheon..that's so random wey..

David Cheong said...

seriously sheon, why the f*ck would you need it? you trying to grow some boobs or something? hahahahaaha

joshuaongys said...

> sheon : and u're the dad?? hahahaha swt... why u wana buy dat??

> yatz : he's random all the time wan..

> david cheong : good question!

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