Thursday, May 15, 2008

Marie Digby Showcase @ 1Utama

Did you go to the Marie Digby showcase @ 1 Utama last night??

It was damn HAPPENING!!!

see the crowd??

the emcee for the showcase

see the "ganas-ness" of the fans...

on 2nd floor and 3rd floor people basicly grab stool/chairs and even SOFAS to take a glimpse of Marie Digby herself!!

Marie Digby take 1

Marie Digby take 2

Since there are so many photographers over there snapping pictures, i figured out that there'll be many photos all over the internet, so i just post these 2 close up pictures of her =)

i tell you, in this picture above, many people raised their hands up high to take pictures, so the original resolution picture, you can see many cameras... all types of cameras.. haha

How i wish i'm the one getting the guitar.... o.O

Events like this means that bloggers will be meeting bloggers!

Left Pic - Stephenie + Right Pic - MikeYip

Left Pic - SmashPop + Right Pic - ChrisTock

I even met 2 of my long lost friends... haha
Top Pic - Radiance + Bottom Pic - Helen

Hwei Ming, Amy, Me and Shaz

Amy harassing kids with her Samsung Phone.... O.O

3 Josh - UncleJosh, JoshLim, JoshuaOngYs
(too bad Tallboyz Josh have to leave earlier)

PamSong with her "IDOL"

Bunch Of us DGMB-ians

thats all for now =)

For those who still have no idea who's Marie Digby

She's a singer-songwriter who strums her guitar on home-made YouTube videos and shoots to fame with her creativity to produce acoustic versions of Rihanna's Umbrella and Britney Spears "Gimme More". For more info, GOOGLE her!


lynnz said...

she's so prettyyy!!! beautiful.

yapthomas said...

joshua so the fehmes wan? :P

joshuaongys said...

> lynnz : hahaha yeaps she's beautiful, too bad most of the beautiful pics are with my fren... haha =)

> yapthomas : >< i think so hahaha since got so many joshua.. haa

Mr. Right said...

Yes, she damn cun. But I cant accept the fact that she con millions of people by acts like another YouTube phenomenon. She and her record label prank YouTube viewers by arrange everything.

Galvin said...

Nice pics. I got fed up after awhile cramping in the crowd. Gosh...some of them stinks!!!

You can check a few more photos here. Nothing fancy though.

pamsong said...

Eh, how come I dun have that second pic of Marie wan? You sended bo?

Michael Yip said...

I still prefer my pic with Marie Digby. :p

Shiveeleaves said...

i miss out the event!i should have go!nooo!

joshuaongys said...

> mr right : hehehehe anyway she's good in wat she's doing so all those stuffs doesnt really matters la =)

> galvin : hahaha thanks man, yea good thing i didn't go into the crowd hahaha i was one floor above camwhoring with other bloggers roflmao

> pamsong : got arh.. got send... its in the zip file...

> michael yip : lolx tell that to stephenie hahahahha i'm NOT a big fan of marie so i don't buy that!! haha

> Shiveeleaves : nevermind bah, there're lots of pictures + videos on the net for u to see hehehe just enjoy those!

Simon Seow said...

I would have join you guys but family comes first.

Ji Yuan said...

alamak...I had to leave right after the showcase, if not I would've met all the bloggers...

joshuaongys said...

> simon seow : its alrite!! there's always nex time!

> ji yuan : hahah too bad lor... U ARH!! get a nice spot just in front of the stage!!! HMPHF

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