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Nokia Independent Artist Club @ Zouk

Seriously, I know nuts about local music industry and local independent artists. Malaysia just haven reach the stage where the authorities will acknowledge the other genre of music around the world, Malaysia is still in the invisible box closing itself and its still very hard to find a living being a musician/artist in Malaysia. Yes there're examples of successful ones, but how many there are?

However, Nokia Malaysia have recognize the talents in Malaysia and made the step to help create a platform for these independent artists to be more well known among music lovers in Malaysia as well as in the International level through the internet.

End of last year, 2007 Nokia Malaysia launched IAC(Independent Artist Club) and since then, more than 70 local independent acts have joined in and upload their music/songs to the IAC platform.

Recently, Nokia Malaysia even have this event specially catered for these local talents and of course made it available for local music lovers to support their favourite local musicians/artists.

Nokia Independent Artist Club @ Zouk

I considered myself lucky being invited to attend this music event as an invited blogger. I myself play music instrument as well and i'm into music. So, even though i know nuts about local independent artist, i am still interested in this very event.

Nokia Malaysia is doing their job in promoting local talents.

The staffs/crews

The Sound System/PA System

The Equipments - Lightings, Stage and etc

The event actually featured a unique "three room" concept. I've mentioned about it in a short post here.

A bunch of us bloggers who attended the event cant really cover every single performances and clinic + take photos on it. So i'll just briefly bring you around the 3 places with the pictures i got on hand.

hosting independent rock bands

I Quit Antartica - Steeltoe Solutions - Silent Scenery -
Auburn - Brainhead - Deserters - They Will Kill Us All - The Times
Rithan Deja Voodoo Spells(guitar clinic)
John Thomas(drums clinic)

The Peeps in Main Room

Local Talent1

Local Talent2

Local Band1

Local Talent3

Local Talent 4

Local Talent4 & 5

resounding to the beats of Deejays and HipHop acts

DJ sehshaco - KLG-Sqwad - Bo-Grandeur of Decibel
Altimet - Nicky C - Transient Vortex - Point Blanc - DJ Fuzz
Altimet(mc clinic)
DJ Fuzz(dj clinic)

Local Talent 6 7 & 8

Local Talent 9 & 10

Local Talent 11 + well known artist in Msia - Point Blanc

Local Talent 11 + well known artist in Msia - PointBlanc

playing home to the mellow sounds of singer-songwriters

Mohd Jayzuan - Alaling - Azmyl Yunor - Pete Teo
Peter Brown - Stonebay - Silent Scream - Lurks
Alda Tan(bass clinic)
Pete Teo(songwriting clinic)

Contrast between day and night @ Terrace Bar

Local Talent 12

Contrast between day and night @ Terrace Bar 2

Local Talent - 13 Alda Tan (Bass Clinic)

Local Talent 14 - Alaling

Local Talent 14 - Alaling

Local Talent 15 & 16

Local Talent 15

Local Talent 16 + well known individual - Pete Teo (songwriting clinic)

Local Talent 16 + well known individual - Pete Teo (songwriting clinic) 2

I have no idea on who's who in most pictures above, most of the time on that day, i was in Terrace Bar as i enjoy myself there more. That is why i kind of know who's the people in the pictures posted under Terrace Bar.

As i've say before in my previous post, there wasn't REALLY many people there. That is because it is not MEANT to be BIG. This event is meant to be comfortable(as in not too crowded where everyone become sardines) and it is an opportunity for real music lover to come appreciate local talents as well as have closer contact with them. Personally i did enjoy myself very much. =)

There'll be another post within this week on this event with more pictures OF me and other bloggers there + what we did the whole day.

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Pictures taken by
David Cheong @
Hwei Ming @
Nigel Sia @
Simon Seow @
and Me


KLGSqwad said...

Hey...thanks for featuring our pic. :D Peace~!

joshuaongys said...

> klsqwad : no prob!!

Simon Seow said...

Eh, I haven't post it wor, why can have link to picture from my post? Thanks lol.

joshuaongys said...

> simon seow : u're welcome hahahaha its ur photos ma so ma link to you le =)

Woman said...

hie! thanks for posting our pics up too! hope u had fun :D

would u mind if we linked to u from our myspace blog?

Ching on behalf of
Alaling & The Kaya Koks

joshuaongys said...

> woman : heyaz!! No probs, i actually enjoyed the performances from Alaling & The Kaya Koks!! I HAD FUN!

and yes, please feel free to link me in you myspace blog =) all the best!!

lurks said...

hi joshua..thanks for posting up our pic.. great pictures you have here ;)..

joshuaongys said...

> lurks : you're most welcome!! its not my pictures actually, i did quote the photographers names and their blog add.. do go to their blog to find more pics.. i duno when will they post about it >< haha

Jay said...

Nice post! Looks like it was a fun event. I'm actually writing a story about independent music for a magazine in Hong Kong. I'd love to use some of your pictures if I could.

Please, let me know if you're interested. jay [at]

joshuaongys said...

> jay : no prob! feel free to use the photos =)

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