Friday, May 02, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl Finale @ 1 Utama

i didn't really thought of going to this event since i've stopped watching the show online around episode 10++

the talented ones were voted out and the show became crappy and well since its the first time a show is made like that to be broadcast online, i will leave my comments and critics for the 2nd season.

don't ask me why, but at the very last few minutes, i decided to go and i tagged along Nigel and Sheryl, just the 3 of us =)

i first met Nigel in a bloggers movie gathering recently and this is the first time we both met Sheryl. Bloggers in Malaysia have been really happening i would say, 2 strangers could become close friends just in a snap through the "blogging bridge".

cut the crap, we managed to get there before the event started.

got ourselves the invitation and off we went to the event.

there was a short dance performance from the girls and well its okay and there was some performance from some CLEO bachelor guy if i'm not mistaken + a young guy(from the so you think you can dance show) doing hip hop dance which i think was BAD.

soon, the girls came out again in a fashion show with a few collections of clothings design by a few top designers.

Jay was the "leader" in the house among the girls as she was cool with everyone, she was professional in the fashion show. Just that she didn't stop long enough for photographers to take more photos O.O

well known with her slightly better "body" figure, she left the show with many of her fans in disappointment. Throughout the show, she gets to wear more revealing clothings and her pose + facial expression were better than previously i would say.

Nadia whom i dislike in the show previously isn't that bad after all. I guess i was really influenced by how the organizing company show the episodes through internet, she looked really great when she smile and she did smile very much during the show. She was friendly in person as well.

We all miss Natasha as she left the show quite early in the competition leaving us with question marks. Seeing her back with other girls doing their part in the fashion show somehow makes me smile =)

Eyna is really beautiful with her new haircut and so, but she still have the robot face on her. Other than that, i really have not much to say about her.

Alison's departure from the competition was another shocking results we faced. During the show, she smiled quite frequently doing her thing in the catwalk, face expression and etc and i would say that she's great.

Fiqa fiqa fiqa. Fiqa have some "naughty" pose during the show which i think made the photographers snapped more pictures of her compared to other girls and i must say that she was quite good during the show.

Ringo, our fellow famous blogger in Malaysia. I do not have to say much about her, go over to her blog or google her name Ringo Tan then you can see many people commenting about her already.

One of the 3 finalists, Hanis was really like a winner already. She walked slowly with a confident face facing cheers from everywhere whenever she came out. She's already a winner from the start of the show, we could hear cheering here and there and there're a group of people wearing custom made t-shirts supporting Hanis, what could i say more??

From the start, i've already mentioned i like her. Yes i know there're quite a number of people who said that she's not a model material, her face expression is quite dull. Well, i know nuts about modelling and i just like her for who she is in the show thats all. She was just fine throughout the fashion show. =)

Most of you already knew that Cindy won the competition. Cindy was the girl who provided us audience more flavours and spices in the show and she got quite a number of haters as i can see with hundreds of comments on her blog. I won't really say she cheated her way to champion, after all this is a competition is fully base on SMS voting, so she deserved the title.

i really have no idea what the 3 judges are doing on stage lolx. When they talk, the crowd was like "duh, zzzzz, sianzzzz"

at the very end of the fashion show

The 3 Finalist Adeline, Hanis and Cindy

with their prizes.

and the car for Cindy the 1st Malaysian Dream Girl


Winning the title now doesn't really mean anything. Its just the starting point into the world of Modeling for many of the finalists of MDG, you wouldn't know, maybe Adeline would shine in the Modeling industry in years to come?? lolx..

Its a stupid competition which is fully base on SMS voting, but think again, a company doing these kind of show for the first time in Malaysia cant take a big risk. Having a competition that is fully base on SMSes will generate more income in such case. The company have to be responsible towards quite a number of parties including their sponsors. So by fully having a competition which is base on SMSes, they are playing a safe game.

Lets just hope that the girls will excel in what they do in the future as well as the show will get better.

Going to such events means that i'll be meeting people. I met quite a number of peeps including a friend of mine who is now working for TheStar as a journalist and covering on the MDG Finale event, IAN YEE.

Of course, bloggers will be there as well.. =)

From top to bottom/left to right

Boss Tim
He was quite busy taking photos with many people as well
This is a cool guy i met, lolx nuff said
KY is trying to cover the MDG sticker i'm holding, playful huh??
The guy next door, i mean next street haha apparently he stay just 2 streets away from my home
The 2nd random blogger i met lolx
The 1st random blogger i met on that night haha

i guess KennySia have some problem looking into the camera as many people have approached to take photos with him, thats why he's not looking at the camera..

Okay, you go ask SuAnn why did she have that pose looking up... people who have been reading MDG Finale posts on other blogs might know why lolx and i have no idea why i followed too...

Anyway, i met peeps like suanie(stop teaching your nephew bad stuffs!! lolx) as well as Michael Yip(Sorry, didn't really get to say hi to you haha)

* i actually have pictures with me and the MDG girls hehe and those pictures are meant to be just in my HDD and not in my blog lolx
**oh and yea, did you know?? Cindy came to my blog?? lolx



§pinzer said...

omg my freaking fat face is there! aiya nvm i'm next to mr.tim who's even fatter ahahahha!

Nigelais said...

actually, most of the nicer pictures taken by u la...hahaha..with my camera only...

joshuaongys said...

> §pinzer : hahahaha where got fat!!! i'm the fattest among us 3 in the picture!!!

>nigel : lolx i duno which pic i took wan hahaha ur camera haha so thank u again!!!

LydiaKong said...

u got a very clear picture taken there. niceee~ =)

§pinzer said...

eh i got video of the intro dance wei, go watch! in my blog

joshuaongys said...

> lydiakong : thanks!! hahaha dats because i am using a nice camera from my friend =)

> §pinzer : hahahha i'm going now!

sheryl0202 said...

Hey why u only describe me as a random blogger ? :(

joshuaongys said...

hahahah cuz me meeting u is really unexpected and random lor hahaa

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