Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bloggers Clubbing & Camwhoring @ Barsonic, Zouk

Not long ago, Zouk had a official relaunch and there were much more rooms provided to the public for their night life entertainment, but during the launch some rooms weren't open yet and Barsonic is one of them.

A smaller room if compared to the other rooms there and i was actually pretty impressed that they can make every single room interesting. Yes i do find it interesting.

Like other rooms, they have the same facilities and services provided for the party goers, the lightings, the musics and the boozes. obviously haha. lmao

They just launched this room last Friday and on the Saturday night, i went there with some of the peeps.

we were there early and so there's just a handful of people there.

and so, we did our thing and camwhored..... o.O

we took quite a lot of pictures actually...

you won't know that these pictures above were taken in a club if i didn't say that right!!!
=D hahaha

the *ahem* chicks!!

the *cough cough cough* hunks...

As the time past, more and more people came in and you can see that everyone is mixing with their own group of friends, talking and laughing with the music at the background.

We stayed there and hanged out for quite a while

i love the lightings gah haha

Soon we decided to change rooms and went to Phuture for a while...

and the rest of the story is just some normal clubbing kaki stories involving dance and music lolx.

it was a fun night hehehe and i bumped into 2 friends again... o.O

the same people i met in Zouk a week before during the relaunch party.


that's all for now


*pictures credits to David Cheong


Huai Bin said...

Very, very nice. Zouk is a great place for launches but it's too far from where I stay. I shudder at the drive back home, especially after drinks.

sophia_siah said...

haha..well i think its becuz of your cam tats why all the pics look so great.anywhere the place looks nice.will like to go there one day.. :)

Yi Ling said...

the pictures are clear and nice :D *jealous* haha. zouk seems like a really nice place ._.

Maria said...

Zouk, KL? Never been there before. Curious about the place.

David Cheong said...

Fuhh Joshua semangat, post this. hahahahaha =D

joshuaongys said...

> Huai Bin : yeps hahaha and well i guess u'll go club around PJ area hehehehe =D

> sophia_siah : its not my cam le, its my fren's cam lolx =)

> Yi Ling : it is a nice place if you're going there with the right group =D hehehe

> Maria : lolx go then!

> David Cheong : hahaha of cuz!! =D

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