Sunday, November 30, 2008

Its good to know

I just had this chat on msn with this female blogger i knew recently and all of a sudden she asked me some stuffs which puzzled me for a few minutes...

may : btw, u know a guy call June....
joshuaong: june wat?
may : I dun know... he told me he was your school mate... and he used to sit next to you when you were in Form 3
joshuaong: he?
joshuaong: i tot june is a girl's name O.O
may : yaya...
may : when he introduced his name i was shocked..
may : coz I'm may... and he is June
may : funny man
joshuaong: ........
joshuaong: za dou
joshuaong: den he know me?
may : yaler..
may : ur school mate mer
may : how would he not know u..
may : the guys who sits next to u in Form 3
may : i dun know.. that's all he told me
may : he say he last met u at asia cafe during meet up... about a year ago
joshuaong: har?
joshuaong: cheat me..
joshuaong: i go asia cafe like so rare
joshuaong: and i duno any GUY name june..
may : huh.. hmm... that guy lie to me ar
may : why would i cheat u..
may : anyway, i ask him next week. he is my classmate
joshuaong: lol
joshuaong: another joshua is it
may : no ler... he reads your website.. that's how he knows i know u
may : u are the only joshua i know ler
may : u think who sits next to you when u are in form 3..
joshuaong: form 3
joshuaong: erm..
joshuaong: june siang u meant?
may : i dun know.. he just tell me his name is June ler
joshuaong: lmao
joshuaong: wear specs?
may : So ya that's all i know
may : yeah
may : really..
joshuaong: gahh..
joshuaong: cheh
may : hmm.. he is thin u know
joshuaong: june siang laaa

I was like DAMN!!! made me think so hard of a guy name June... lolx....

my mind went like......

"a guy name june, a guy name june,
a guy name june, a guy name june, a guy name june, a guy name june, a guy name june, a guy name june, a guy name june, a guy name june ,a guy name june, a guy name june "


Haha. Glad to know that a fellow old friend of mine is actually reading my blog.

Its a good thing to know. Really.

and JUNE SIANG IF YOU READ THIS, CALL ME OUT LA lets go Yumcha. lolx


阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

hahahaha!!!! LOL!!!!
i can imagine the
'a guy name june' is juz spinning around until u figure it out!!! haha!!!!!! LMAO!!!

joshuaongys said...

> 阿棗 陳 Zoe : hoik! sei yeh!! nex time when i see u den u know!! =D

l a b e l s


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