Tuesday, November 11, 2008

review on Quantum Of Solace

Ketenangan Di Dunia Yang Penuh Kesengsaraan. lolx

Seriously, it was pretty amusing when i saw the Malay translation on the screen in the cinema. Nice one nice one. HAHA. Bolehland.

But actually larh, i was in a "sengsara" mode when i saw this car being tortured like nobody's business. Dowan then give me larh, sigh, all these big money films. *shakes head*

and so i watched this movie on Sunday 9 November 2008.

Introduced as the new bond in recent years, i don't have much objection on that.

and seriously, i thought that this dude was good in being a villian in this movie.

Every single time you talk about a bond movie, the bond girl will be the hot topic in towns all over the world, be it critics or positives perspective.

to me, i'm not really into this model/actress who acted in MaxPayne previously.

i thought that this girl is prettier though. Hehe. Too bad, her scenes are just THAT much. =D

Alright the movie itself. Before i watch this movie, i've already see various people giving bad comments and reviews on this bond movie, most of them - bloggers.

and seriously in my opinion, it is NOT THAT BAD!!

the movie started with a car chase which is filmed in a way that it is as fast as lightning. Boo!! finish. Very Entertaining but don't know what actually happen between the cars and the actors and the lorries and etc on the road itself.

the storyline was pretty obvious from the start where power and money is largely involved. Of course, this movie is a continuation from the previous Casino Royale movie, and so, Bond's mind is still pretty filled with Vesper. The girl who betrayed him in the previous movie.

The character James Bond itself have its own charm in the story and in this movie, 2 girls was attracted to him. Normal. I would want to watch a movie with 10 bond girls in it in the future HAHA.

The storyline went on with quite a fast pace leaving us viewers less time to digest the previous scenes as we have to focus on the next upcoming scene to catch up with the movie overally. That's if you understand what i'm talking about.

Save the World, Save the Cheerleader!

I hope that i didn't really reveal any stuffs from the movie that will reduce your interest in the movie itself. In short, the movie ended in a classic way. Bond saves the girl, wins her heart, won the battle, killed/executed/punished the bad guys and everyone wonders what will happen in the next bond movie.

Actually if you notice, the movie have quite a lot of interesting stuffs to ponder upon. The private vengeance of an individual and the power and money men wants.

the trust between 2 individuals or more, be it friends or couples and etc.

and the movie makers are actually criticizing America and Canada. America works with ANYBODY as long as they gets benefit from it and Canada's intelligent service is NOT as good as Britain's intelligent service.

Bond is from Britain.

Of course there are other stuffs you can get from the movie. Those mentioned above are just part of it.

ONE of the main ones that i get from the movie is this. This is actually what i concluded.


James Bond have good driving skills handling a car, motorbike and he have good skills handling a plane as well.

Oh and a boat also.

Batman only handles bikes, cars and planes.

Batman only comes out in the night and Bond acts in both Day and Light.

Batman is mostly in GOTHAM city and Bond is everywhere.

Of course considering the fact that both of them are mortals and THEY WON'T DIE EVEN IN WHATEVER SITUATION.

and i meant IN WHATEVER SITUATION!!! that's the reason why i linked them both together.

Oh and yea, both of them are always surrounded by girls also. =X

Ketenangan or Kesengsaraan, I really have no idea.

GET IN!!!! lolx

I do think that this movie is worth watching in the cinemas, for the action scenes. Lots of them. Of course, that's my personal opinion. =)

my rating for this movie is 6/10


Simon Seow said...

He don't only need license to kill but license to drive, license to boat, and license to pilot.

joshuaongys said...

> simon seow : yeaps hahaha awesome rite!

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