Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gomobile Expo and Bloggers Buff 2008

Before i start this post, i would like to announce to the world that the brilliant detective that have almost the same IQ level with Michael Scofield is now a blogger with Nuffnang.
*no wonder Nuffnang can expand to 4 countries in 2 years time. xD


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the above is just for Prison Break fans =)

Actually right, I was wondering.

Why all of a sudden, there are like many many things going on this week. The past few weeks was pretty quiet and this week.. suddenly....

I know there's a Zouk launch on Thursday, then on Friday there's this launch of Supper Club, some bloggers gathering at Marche, a friend's birthday party

On Saturday, there's this OK! Mag anniversary @ Zouk and Facebook Party @ Solaris as well as Freedom Elite event going on in Bukit Kiara.

I don't know about you, but to me, that's a H*LL lot of events. and that alone is the ones i know, God knows how more there are.
*FYI, i didn't attend any of the events mentioned above, my friends did. =)

Other than that there's this Gomobile and Bloggers Buff event going on in PWTC as well.

and so, after one night(friday) of crazy war between me and the spywares/virus ending up me losing and reformatting my computer, i went to college the next morning for my presentation.

2 hours after my presentation ended, i went to this place.

Putra World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Wanted to take a look on the Gomobile event and see what's going on in Bloggers Buff as well because both Sidney and Jason were there as speakers.

Seriously, to me, the Gomobile event is pretty sad.

A quick glance at the event itself disappoints me. The scale is pretty small and there not much interesting booths.

Its actually pretty same with PC Fair, just that the stuffs there are more towards mobile phones.

Except for the handphones they are giving out in the events, i don't see any more happenings in this event itself.

Most probably its because this is the first time so yea, i shall not complain more. Hope that there'll be more interesting stuffs if there's one next year. Maybe a big nokia booth with a few Ngage game experience slots, booths promoting softwares on symbian phones and etc.

If you did went to Gomobile event and agree with me that its a pretty sad case, then this Bloggers Buff event below is a pretty tragic case.

Though on the same floor with Gomobile, i had trouble finding where they were having Bloggers Buff. Jason texted me that it's in BILIK REDANG and i went to find and walk from here to there and only found it till i found this small little paper on the wall. -.-

Seriously i didn't put much hope that it will be a very happening event, wait till you see what i saw when i got in the hall...

I do not have anything to say there and then. =X

Alright perhaps i'm wrong, maybe the first session in the morning was a happening one as there're some really WoW speakers in the morning. Datuks and Drs. =X

Sidney and Jason

Stayed for like half an hour and left the scene after that.

the other speakers.

My Conclusion?

The one happening event in PWTC yesterday was this health fair. There were lots of health concerned people i assume and lots of healthy products.

Oh yea do check on Alexander Mahone's blogger profile yea, he owns a blog call DaWinciCode.



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