Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Something for My Girl

A short browse on AMBP website leads me to this Music CD Giveaway contest and so i'm typing this short post now.

1)First of all i have to answer this question:
What's the name of the character played by Zac Efron in the High School Musical movie/TV series?

and the answer is obviously posted there on the website which is Troy Bolton. HAHA.

Memang give for free wan the CD.

2)Secondly i have to put this picture up on my blog :

ahhh that was easy, just linking this picture only. Teeheeehehehehe.

3)Third and lastly i have to write anything that comes to your mind about High School Musical.

Oh this is really giving me a headache. Actually right i don't watch the first 2 movie as well as the series and i'm the a big fan of this whole HSM, the main reason i'm writing this in is because if i ever get the CD, i want to give it to my girl. She have been working very hard this whole period for her bloody college annual dinner which is really extremely unbelievable.

First of all, whole budget for the dinner is not BY the college, its FROM the students themselves and its like DUHHH... i don't believe if they say the college have no money at all as its quite famous in its field serving quite a lot of rich people and nevermind, the stupid college require the students to shift 2 times and those place are really quite some hidden place and is quite dangerous to stay in i think(yes in this case, the students stay in places where the college provide them).

Because of this budget problem, my girl and her team of committee members were having sleepless nights and headaches over problems they faced every now and then and the advisors have been giving them a hard time rejecting this and that on ridiculous reasons and when those advisors mentioned about a change in some areas, they rejected it the next time it was changed and re-presented according to exactly what the advisors wanted it to be.

Those advisors wanted a change and a change was done and they say ITS NOT LIKE THAT and deny what they've said previously and my girl and her team have to change some stuffs on the annual dinner again and again.

There are more but i do not want to continue on in case that influence your mood later. =)

So yes, about the question above, what is the first thing that comes to my mind about High School Musical. I would say its my girl as she's a big fan of this whole series HSM. She have been talking about it from time to time and i can see that she love it alot. She thank me endless times when i dl-ed the first 2 movies for her and burn it on a dvd for her to keep(yes i'm that poor thankyou) and i thought that she would be delighted if she gets her hands on this very CD.

So yea, i really hope that i do get the CD. =)


her said...

waliao...you really write like that...malu nyer i.......

joshuaongys said...

> her : =D

Amanda Crowe said...

I think High School Musical 3 was an awesome movie. The acting and songs were amazing. I am just sad to see an excellent triology come to an end.

joshuaongys said...

> Amanda Crowe : xD

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