Friday, July 31, 2009

Men look for Sex and Women look for Affection

It was yet another random conversations i had.
With a random anonymous girl on MSN. Read on...

joshuaongys says:
ask u
men need sex and women need affection
agree or not?
anonymous says:
haha not really
joshuaongys says:
anonymous says:
women need affection
guys need trust and approval
joshuaongys says:
trust and approval
anonymous says:
hmm well
like if a guy feels like his gf accepts him for who he is, and not try to make him change
and trusts him in whatever he does, and approves whatever he does
then he can love better
joshuaongys says:
anonymous says:
thats why guys dont like it when girls say "maybe we should ask for directions"
joshuaongys says:
anonymous says:
he will feel like the girl dont trust him, like he dont know how to go to that place
joshuaongys says:
pls tell every other girls dat!
anonymous says:
guys need love and care and all la
but trust and approval comes first
followed by the rest
do you think thats true
joshuaongys says:
in some way yes its true
can u like go tell every other girl in this world
cuz many girls out there are like, i wana change my guy i wana change my guy yer why he like dat wan this dat...
anonymous says:
its like that wan la
joshuaongys says:
and sometimes i wonder den why at the first place u accept him duh
anonymous says:
cause guys and girls are diff, you should know
girls think that there's always room for improvement
joshuaongys says:
so sometimes u're lidat also lo hahaha
anonymous says:
when they love something, they will try to make it better
i try not to be lor
but it's girl's nature
guys is like if something is fine, don't fix it
it takes training la
girls show their love by offering suggestions and all
but guys "respect" each other by not offering help unless they are asked
two different things
but if a guy feels that his gf loves and accepts him
he himself will try to change himself
joshuaongys says:
anonymous says:
like decide to go gym etc
joshuaongys says:
anonymous says:
yaaaaaaaa true right
i noticed too
i tell my boy that
and after a while, he wants to diet and all
joshuaongys says:
u genius
why u so clever wan
anonymous says:
i read a book
joshuaongys says:
anonymous says:
so bad
at least i learn ok -_-
everyone should read lor
if not they would never understand
girls think that guys should think like them
joshuaongys says:
shud go thru it b4
anonymous says:
vice versa
joshuaongys says:
better than reading it
anonymous says:
we all go through it
just dont realize
joshuaongys says:
how bout guys side hmmm
jz now was on the girls side
tell me bout the guys side
anonymous says:
what about guys side?
joshuaongys says:
wat should guys do
how guys act generally
anonymous says:
well like i said just now, guys offer solution only when they are asked
if you noticed, girls like to complain
esp if they have a bad day
and guys will always try to "fix it"
best thing to do is listen
and try to understand
and just let them talk until puas
when puas, tell them like
"oh you had such a bad day, let me give you a hug"

and the conversation went on and wandered of somewhere else eventually. Anyways, its some common general stuffs/problems among boys and girls/men and women. Started from a statement that i heard previously from someone - "Men look for Sex and Women look for Affection".

From what i think, generally, Men do not look for sex ultimately but YES Women DO look for affection ultimately. In this age where most people insist on equal rights for both females and males, the strong almighty position of the males is really weakening already throughout the years and the more softer side of the males were shown with more females being independent having full control of their own lives.

Being on the side of the male myself, i must say that acceptance and understanding is what i'm looking for, and of course affection as well which involves love and care.

With lotsa girls nowadays who tried very hard to change every bit of their bf nowadays rather than totally accepting them for who they are, i find it pretty funny that why at the first place they would want to be with the guy then. Well of course, no offence to the girls, its something most girls need to go through.

Same goes to the guys, that we need to be a little bit more sensitive, less forgetful, and paying more attention to the girlfriend plus other more stuffs to cover as well being in a relationship. With that saying, i am still in the life-long process of learning. Not an easy lesson but it's definitely a very interesting and rewarding one i must say. =)

and about how this whole blog post was started with the statement :
"Men look for Sex and Women look for Affection".

There's a reason why God put us human as the rulers of the world and not any other living beings on earth and obviously, there's a big difference between dogs and humans. That's if you understand what i'm saying.
*of course, there's always some exception where some people are in a very sick & serious state already getting addicted to it. and i do believe that every single person seeks love ultimately.


Anonymous said...

first of all, men lust more than women. that is why there is the statement "men look for sex".

well, i do agree on the statement "men look for sex and women look for affection". All of us are taught to not have premarital sex right? so unmarried men are taught to control their lust, where as a Christian, it is also commiting adultery though you were just lusting. Men can easily lust than women.

Alright, back to men look for sex. This is more for married men know, sex is like a hobby for married couples. Women first priority is affection then only sex. Women need stimulation first wan. For men la, they are the one who always start that activity right? And btw, sex bonds a relationship closer.

On your conversation with your friend, it is more on BGR, you know, starting a relationship, choosing the right person and making getting to know each other better and all. So of course they have to build up trust where they start to share problems, encouragements, care and many more. That is why they will end up in marriage ma. In BGR, sex can destroy a relationship and make it bitter. so this statement cannot apply on BGR.

At times, ask yourself, why men and women have affair outside? It will always end with "It just happened!" Yes, trust is important. Because men give women affection, she tend to trust him more. And when she trusts him, things can just happen!

why men look for prostitutes? Because they have no one to fulfill their sexual needs.

Well, basically this statement just shows the difference of men and women. Nothing to debate about.

joshuaongys said...

> Anonymous : will reply ur comment when i read thru everything u say. Haha.

joshuaongys said...

first of all, i would say tat WOW, its been quite some time since i get such long comments!! Haha. Back to the post, yes in some case the statement is true but i do believe that it can't be apply to majority of people. Of course, its true that men can easily lust than women where we all blame it at hormones, but to have self control is something very important where most guys are able to do that. Correct that it bonds a relationship between married couple and yah i know that the conversation went off the topic later on which focus more on BGR *laughs* and there's where it involves much more stuffs here and there in a more complicated manner. and to the It just happened thingy, its kinda bullshit.. Lolx and hmm i dont quite understand on what u say on this - "In BGR, sex can destroy a relationship and make it bitter. so this statement cannot apply on BGR". Do reply back if you're back here checking my reply on ur comment. =)

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