Monday, March 16, 2009

Fast Update #42 Bye Manchester

Left Manchester around 8pm Manchester Time. It was like 8-9 hours ago if i'm not mistaken. The whole trip was too short gah but well we were well taken of and it's an awesome trip altogether so no complaints.

and now i'm in Dubai International Airport sitting down on the floor typing this entry wasting my time while others are enjoying their time spending money in duty free shops. Gah. I spent quite a lot back in Manchester lolx.

Anyway, i got everybody something. Everybody as in some close people i know la hahaha. I hope i have enough for everyone. Everyone who's in my random list.

It's 9.05am now here in Dubai.

in 30 minutes time i'll be boarding the plane back to Malaysia and will reach Malaysia around 9pm Malaysian time.

See ya!!~


Nigelais said...

Have a safe flight back! And I want my goodies ~

stephanie k said...

yeayea .. i got rite rite rite? i called u when u r in manchester ler!! lol-ed .. hahahha souvenirs!!!

hahaha .. despo

Copykate said...

souvenirs!!! XD

Cutie said...

Okler.. Does Jie got a sourvenir? Hehe... I believe u are back d. Take care!

Cashmere said...

Wow! Flew all the way just to watch the match? Man.. Sorry to hear that your team lost but well, wish I'd been there cos my team won! Wooohoo! hehe... ;P said...

so u got the sands of dubai for me?! YAYyYyaayYYY! =p

joshuaongys said...

> Nigelais : your goodies lolx okiee

> stephanie k : lolx yes laaa..

> Copykate : ahh =X

> Cutie : duno leh hahaha thx nyway!

> Cashmere : ahhh darnnnn lolx

> : nope.... didnt manage to do so... lolx

Andrew said...

muahahaha..... i sense my coke is coming home!! LOL =D

joshuaongys said...

> Andrew : hmmm

l a b e l s


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