Thursday, March 05, 2009


Along these years, since primary school days, i've spent quite a lot i must say on comic books. Not buying them, but loaning/borrowing them from comic book stores and bringing back to read.

Though not as hardcore as the old days where i'll get like 20-40 books at once and finish all in one shot in a day, i still visit the nearby comic book shop from time to time.

and well, the time to time i meant when from a few times per week to maybe a few times per month, so i was like outdated in reading and knowing some of the latest episodes of the comics.

Anyways, a couple of days ago i was in a nearby comic book store finding comics to bring back to accompany me during my days doing my current final year project.

as i was finding and hunting for the comics i want, i was reminded all of a sudden of this very basketball comic i've not read in ages already. No not Slam Dunk which was ended by the author ages ago.
*slamdunk is still the best basketball comic/anime to many of the people out there even up till now.

and so, i quickly searched through and found out that the comic i was thinking have already ended. Oh darn. So fast wan, that was the first thing that came to my mind. Shucks.

The comic i talk about is DEARBOYS and no it's not a gay comic or a gay basketball comic get your mind straight! I have no idea why the author got the name dear.boys.

Anyway, this very comic DEARBOYS have been around for ages already and i've followed it from time to time since ACT I. As you can see, in the picture above, DEARBOYS have reached ACT II already. and now its FINISH.

I find it pretty nice following the story of the main team of basketball players in this comic, playing their way going through winning matches in zone/district/state and up to national level in the last episode of ACT II.

then habis already....

brought the last few episodes of DEARBOYS back home and started reading them.

and i must say...

I was extremely happy and excited when i reached the last page stating that this is the end of ACT II and there'll be more in ACT III wtf.

Neverending wan hahaha endless but i likey, hahaha which reminds me of Dragonball last time where when Dragonball Z finishes comes Dragonball GT. Lolx

or is it actually out already arh... =X

oh and btw, if you've read about the COMIC FIESTA posts i've posted last year, the people who organized the event have a gallery site set up already. Do go visit if you're interested. =)


Simon Seow said...


Josh said...

Ranmaru Miura!!! ^_^

Wyn said...

Hi new to ur blog..

i likey Aikawa and Miura too..=P


YL said...

DEARBOYS nice! xD whee. i like also! :D

joshuaongys said...

> Simon Seow : xD

> Josh : hahaha you like him huh??

> Wyn : welcome and yehhh most ppl like aikawa wehhh

> Yi Ling : u like it also!! wahh... rare for a girl to read such comic wehh haha good good

Unknown said...

gay!! very gay name!! dearboys! lol!!

joshuaongys said...

> Robb : hahahahaha i thought so too, that's why i wrote that on the innit entry hahaha said...

Act III out yet?
i just finished act II

joshuaongys said...

> sirei : i'm not sure actually, i'm still wondering... but i think not yet gua..

it's me said...

Dear Boys ????
OK, man. I like it very much, but SLAMDUNK is still the best basketball's manga.
Do you want like who ?
Sakuragi, Rukawa, Aikawa, and Yourself. But it still in manga.
I like basket but I'm not very good. Like Sakuragi, may yes, but I can't fly so high like him. Aikawa or Rukawa ??? No, Man, I'm not, I'm amatir but I like it, so let's go to field. =p

it's me said...

Sorry, Brö !!
I wasn't wrong write somethink in my letter.

Like Sakuragi, May be yes, may be not, because I can't fly so high like him. Ok, it the truth.

Who can teach me about basket ?? And I was finded new manga, it SORA, I think it good, but not very good, ya, well done-lah.

May be you know another manga about basket ?? =p

joshuaongys said...

> it's me : hahaha slamdunk is the best to many basketball fans =D but anyways there're a few more basketball comics, jz dat they are not as interesting as these both...

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