Monday, March 02, 2009

Girl Selling Matches with Naruto, OnePiece & Dragonball

One of my friend just send me a video which tells the story of a girl selling matches.

If you still remember, there's this childhood story where there's this girl was forced to go out in the middle of a night which is very very cold to sell matches to earn a living.

Yes that's the story, but modified. and i ENJOYED it!! xD

Go Watch the videos posted below!!

The 6th Version of the Match Selling Girl [超扯童話血多]賣火柴小女孩 第六話
with Naruto & One Piece Characters

The 3rd Version of the Match Selling Girl [超扯童話血多]賣火柴小女孩 第三話
with Dragonball Characters

Lolx, the videos came at the right time at my msn door wtf hahaha as i am having problem coding some files for my final year project.


Hope you enjoy them!!
*if you don't understand chinese then too bad for you la xD

If you like the videos above, below are the other versions available on Youtube.
1st Version
2nd Version
4th Version
5th version

for now, back to final year project. Gah. =(


Yi Ling said...

LOL. super funny! buay tahan. kept laughing -.-

Yatz said...

the 6th video got 1 character is from Hunter X Hunter..i've forgotten the name of that fella dy..

Simon Seow said...

Not only Hunter X Hunter, Jojo Bizarre's Adventure also got leh, the stop time one is the 3rd Generation Jojo's power.

Robb said...

i want a panty!!


Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

babychyu said...

hahah ~ u posted on ur blog dy ??
so fast ..
selling matches !!!
who wan to buy matches ??

hahahhahaha ~~
steven recommand me to watch also ....

joshuaongys said...

> Yi Ling : i find it super funny as well and i watched a few times hahaha

> Yatz : ahhh i know i know the guy with the chain wan rite haha

> Simon Seow : lolx i know about tat comic but i didnt read that hahaha now i know dat jojo got such power, maybe i should read it eh haha

> Robb : that panty part was awesome rite?? hahaha ehhh no i don't mean dat way.. xD

> Hapi : thanks and same to you too!

> babychyu : ya wor hahahaha i watch till decided to blog it out, too funny liaw hahahaha

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