Friday, March 06, 2009

Tamarind Hill Contemporary Siam & Burmese Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

Nearly one month back(gosh), i attended the reopening of this very Siam & Burmese restaurant. One of the first of its kind in Malaysia dining scene, Tamarind Hill Restaurant has made a come-back after 2 years time of relocation plan.

With a history of 10 years, the restaurant is now ready to serve back the public who are into contemporary Siam and Burmese food.

Of course, being someone who have not such a heavy wallet, i know nuts about Siam nor Burmese food, so i was pretty new to the food served that night.

Before i touch on the food, let me start with the place itself. This very restaurant is actually stated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur where it is REALLY on a hilltop. No kidding, just that the hill is not as BIG as i expected because i was wondering where in KL got such a hill and have a restaurant some more.

However, the place itself is pretty big and spacious that can accommodate quite an amount of people. They have both indoor and outdoor sections where you can choose to be under the skies of Kuala Lumpur or be indoor spending your time enjoying your food.

A pretty awesome restaurant if you ask me about the settings, lightings and all. Alright lets go to the food then. These food were served that night.

Spicy Grilled Wagyu Beef Salad

Salmon and Ginger Soup

Lime cured Tiger Prawns rolled in Salmon Sashimi

Clear Tom Yam soup with Snakehead Fish Fillet

Steam Fish Cake

Prawn and Chicken Stick

Chicken Basil Leaves with Century egg

Squid Ink Fried Rice

As you can see, the food were served in small portions where we can have an idea of how is the food from this very restaurant. The food will not be served in such a small portion of course if you visit this place. Of course, we took a few more same small dish of food as they have already made extra earlier for us.

and if you want to know, i loved the Tom Yam soup with Snakehead Fish Fillet, Prawn and Chicken Stick as well as the Squid Ink Fried Rice where else the others are just nice for me. I am still pretty new to siam/burmese food haha. but it's all good.

Apart from the food served, we had a short performance that the host have for us.

as well as a demonstration to us on how to cook one of the dish.

Red and White wine.

We had these the whole night. xD

and so, Tamarind Hill Restaurant offers a wide choice of food which is of course in the category of Siam & Burmese cuisine and from time to time they have a fusion of some other types of food as well and that is for you to find out.

Oh yea, did i mentioned that that specific place can view both KL Tower and KLCC Towers?

Of all Awesome-ness.

and so, that's the night i caught this interesting camwhoring scene. I think. =D

That's all for now.
*pictures by Andrew & Ken

Tamarind Hill
Contemporary Siam and Burmese Restaurant

Lunch : LUNCH ESCAPE multi-course menu at RM35 nett or a la carte menu
Dinner : a la carte menu
Bar Menus : Extensive wine list + creative cocktails & mocktails, imported sodas, flower & herb teas, gourmet cofee.
Other details : WIFI available and Closed on Sundays.
Address : 19, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +60321483200
Email :


julian said...

I think I ate once at what must have been their old location - way out on the edge of KL somewhere, but still a very nice place. Food was good as I remember.

yapthomas said...

Tamarind Hill has got to be one of the place to dine in KL. Had that back in 2003. Nice... :D

Andrew said...

weeeeeeeee~ tamarind hill post!! haha... best!!

Yi Ling said...

you knw the picture of the dancers right? very scary =.=" remind me of those horror movies :O

joshuaongys said...

> julian : yeaps previously was somewhere at ampang de hehehe

> yapthomas : 2003... so long ago hahahaha you're old!!

> Andrew : best.... LATE hahah

> Yi Ling : ahahaha aiseh dont go think of those movies den!! hehe

Mellissa said...

We had close family friends who got married here - it was amazingly beautiful! :)

Johnny Ong said...

been to this restaurant in the previous location at ampang area

Jeffro said...

Damnit.. You made me hungry.. Roar~

lol xD

joshuaongys said...

> Melissa : like some place that you don't expect it to appear in KL huh?? hee

> Johnny Ong : i heard it's awesome back then as well!

> Jeffro : not my fault, the photographer's fault hahaha

James said...

mmmm.. great food item. The design of the restaurant is very nice, i love to go Tamarind Hill Restaurant.

joshuaongys said...

> James : yesh the design is quite interesting i would say + its situated in the heart of kl, VERY NICE! haha

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