Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Manchester United, Old Trafford Stadium Tour

How ya folks? Hope ya fine!! xD Anyways, Welcome to Old Trafford, The Theatre of Dreams!! At least it's like a dream i never dare to dream of where i'll be at the stadium itself going around the place.


So before i bring you around the stadium and show you more pictures on the stadium tour, allow me to show you some pictures taken that morning before i head to the stadium okay?

Be patience and don't run around here and there if not they'll lock you up in this room shown above hehe so do read finish this whole post yea!

It was the last morning being Manchester, i wished i had money that time to continue going around on my own exploring more places, maybe heading to London or somewhere else in UK but nah, can't do so. Another time bah. Perhaps. =(

and so i took a morning walk with a 2 days old friend(one of the winning contestant of the contest) walking around in Manchester City. The date was 16 March 2009, a beautiful Sunday with a wonderful cold weather. How nice if its like that in Kuala Lumpur, the breeze and wind of Genting in KL. Oh maybe a bit more colder than Genting. xD

If you've notice, there isn't any people driving cars around the roads, not even a single sign of people walking around in the pictures above. Reminds me of the Dead City in I am Legend if you ask me. xD

Yea, I am Legend FTW!!! The only human alive on earth Yawn.

I guess that the city is moving slowly that day as its a Sunday, everyone must still be sad because of the previous match losing to Liverpool 1-4.

This must be a spot where couples would have intimate time there HAHA!

Soon enough, it was time to head back to the accommodation place.

The next thing i know, all of us were already there at the stadium, taking lots of pictures even before they got the tickets for the tour. There were other people there for the tour, in different groups.

Soon we have this man acting as our tour guide of the stadium bringing us around telling us the tales and legends of the place, the club.

One by one, we go through the passage where the players access into the stadium on normal match days, the players must have got bored of it walking in and out of this passage various times throughout the season.

It was all quiet, and i was smiling all the way looking at surroundings of the stadium from inside. Didn't really pay attention on what the man said, only remembered he mentioned that there're many high tech cameras around the stadium. I was cam-whoring all the way xD.

epic moments.

We were brought out of the stadium where we were at the entrance of the Munich tunnel.

It was a place named after the place in Germany, Munich where there's this air disaster which happen back in 1958 where more than half the team of Manchester United pass away. They were there for a soccer game and that was what happen. They will be remembered.

The time and date of the incident is stated in the picture above.

there were lots of pictures and text illustration along the tunnel and i didn't manage to read them cause the schedule was tight and we moved really fast from one place to another. =(

We headed back into the stadium and reach this very room where they have the National Honours Board. I wonder that will there be a Malaysian name be up there on the board under Other Nations. xD

Soon enough, we were led into the players changing room where i took picture with Ronaldo & Park Ji Sung's jersey LOLx. It was the closest i get to the player i guess as i heard that its the jerseys that the players wore before. Wonder if its true.

Had a kiss on the trophy and saw Rooney lifting up the trophy and headed to the tunnel where the players will go out to the field during an actual match. They even played the sound clip in the tunnel announcing that the players of the winning team Manchester will be heading out to the field followed by a chant and cheers of the supporters and everyone went running out to the field cheering leaving me behind taking picture of them with 3 lines of swt on my head.

We walked around the pitch taking lots of pictures and some people even recorded a video. Awesome stuffs.

Took a group picture with Boss Ming's DSLR where up till now i still haven get the picture lolx and headed out of the place soon.

The schedule was freaking tight and we moved extremely fast where i couldn't really enjoy every single thing during the stadium tour. This is because there were lots of other people in groups behind us, going on the same stadium tour as well.

The man led us back into Megastore to dig more money out of us for the club. Gah. and that was the time i spent buying souvenirs and some stuffs for myself. =D

Not much complaints though, it was a nice tour on a nice day and i had a nice mood. Everything's nice. Okay i'm running out of words.

Anyways we still have a few hours and so we stopped by somewhere in the city where everyone could go shopping. Did not really buy anything as i was dead broke already. Accompanied some other people getting their stuffs. One man got himself like 3 pair of shoes swt, for his children that was.

There was this Manchester Irish Festival going on at the same time and it was pretty happening. Took a look inside peeking here and there.

The rest of the story. Just view the pictures bah. Its the end of my trip at Manchester, UK thanks to MAMEE which organized the contest where i was one of the winner. Despite the losing match to Liverpool, it was an awesome trip.

Oh and i kept ordering whisky and vodka during the flight. Haha. Fly Emirates FTW!!

Hope to visit the place again sometime in the future, with someone special of course. =)

i wonder who's the one who's bringing this DB9 out of Dubai. Hmmm.


JolynGoh said...

Fwah.. Syok nyer..
Jelez sei me d... uhuhuhuhu

joshuaongys said...

> JolynGoh : ahah ask ur bf bring u go la nex time

zool said...

Jeles ma.. But I want to go Emirates Stadium...

~Elaine Tam~ said... fun!!! It is paid trip or what???

joshuaongys said...

> zool : save money and go one day =)

> ~Elaine Tam~ : yes yes it was fun!! it was a trip i won by eating mister potato chips la haha i think you can still get the chips at various stalls but the contest is over already la =D said...

wow fun!
how i wish to go there!
haha =)

Ewin Ee said...

wah damn nice!

joshuaongys said...

> : save money and go or enter a contest!! haha

> Ewin Ee : yea i know!!

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