Wednesday, June 24, 2009

review on Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

Yesterday was the first day of business operation for the GSC in Tropicana City Mall. They were having free screenings before this to the public to promote about the new GSC outlet in KL.

With sayings that the tickets of this new Transformers movie was all sold out till next week in most of the major shopping malls in KL which includes Mid Valley, Pavilion, Times Square, 1 Utama, Cineleisure and etc, i gave up hunting for tickets in those places and went to the relatively new mall where most people were still unaware of. xD

and to my surprise, there were like a few hundreds tickets left for more than 10 screenings.

So, i watched this very movie just yesterday night. and i didn't know it was a 2.5 hours movie.


Mr Shia was back with his Bee in this 2nd Transformers. A must i guess since both of them made a name for themselves 2 years back. Of course, there were more Robots this time round. I like!

A few more which i don't know what's their name except for Ironhide. Which i think that it's one of the bad part of the movie. The robots don't really seems important this time round, i don't know which robot is which vehicle except for Ironhide.

and the Twins. Haha. They were funny. Well maybe the team do not want to confuse us with too much characters to remember and a few big ones is enough to make this movie awesome.

and well, the leader of Autobots, Optimus Prime is as awesome as ever stealing the show from the start till end in the movie. Haha.

He's like the expert in fighting from Cybertron. It maybe just a punch and a kick for the other robots be it Autobots or Decepticons but for Optimus he can use thunderkick, almighty punch, along with his blade/sword slashing everyone.

He's like the Guan Gong of 3 Kingdoms. 关云长 if you know who he is. A general in the olden days who was said to be a battle expert who can fight with 100 soldiers on his own.

So yea, it was all good!! With all the CG effects all over the movie with fighting scenes from start till the end, i was sitting still without even knowing that the movie lasted for 2.5 hours till i came out from the cinema.

If i were to complain about this movie, i would say that the movie would be better if the storyline was further elaborated where i think that some parts was a bit brief.

Overall, it was awesome!! The explosions and all the military scenes and uh oh i didn't know about the history of the robots. It was kinda awesome when they talk about the Primes and the betrayal of The Fallen with Jet Fire a Decepticon who've turned sides bringing them to Egypt and all. It was interesting!

I would be more than delighted if they make a movie on that, the history of Cybertron. No Optimus Prime, no Bumblebee, no Devastator with balls, no Megatron, no humans, no Megan Fox!!

and ah, about Megan Fox.

She's Hawt. =X


My Rating for this movie is 9/10
*i want to watch it again in IMAX la! Anyone?


Jacquelyn Ho said...

i wanna re-watch too!

but what diff does it make in Imax n normal cinema? O_o

bryanlyt said...

imax got 3D~!
blogger imax movie outing! ^_^

CWKen said...

Just watched it today, damn funny wei the movie haha wanan watch it again as well.

btw "She's hot" or "He's hot?" rofl!

Wingz said...

got imax version one meh?! i oprso want!

abdus said...

nice :D

nana said...

i want to watch!!!!! i think need to wait til next next week only hav tickets..

ewin said...

niccce nice nice!!!

joshuaongys said...

> Jacquelyn Ho : Imax screen is much more bigger that is hahah

> bryanlyt : ya got 3d but for certain movies only hahaha owhhh blogger imax movie outing!!! u organize i go!! xD

> CWKen : lol yea its funny where robots got balls haha and erm.. he's hot i mean she's hot!!

> Wingz : got got got imax version!! everything is bigger on imax wan, EVERYTHING!!

> abdus : yeh the movie is nice xD

> nana : got tix in certain cinema la, dont go to the big ones la

> ewin : and nice nice nice!

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