Monday, June 22, 2009

review on Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

It was 2 weeks ago i watched this movie with her. At GSC 1 Utama.

When the first one came out, i enjoyed watching it pretty much and the thing i remembered most is the "I want Gum Gum, you Dum Dum" part if you know what i mean. =D

However, a few friends who watched the movie said that it wasn't that nice as the first one and some even say it sucked. That's why i watch it this late, as there's the only movie that we haven watch 2 weeks ago.

It was good to see Owen Wilson again in a movie. Seeing him just makes me laugh especially when he's so small in size in the movie but still so brave picking up fights with the villains along with the Rome Knight.

Talking about the Villains, they were pretty pathetic. Not to say that their acting sucks or what, just that their part in this movie is really, erm entertaining? Being a well known character in their own era, they were quite popular villains in history with their evil deeds and stories, but in the movie, they're just like little horse. Listening to the Pharaoh and obeying him.

How can that happen?

Haha, but well that was what makes the movie interesting. and Funny as well. =D

and so, the Pharaoh was planning to take over the world. Quite a stupid idea in modern age though and there were all in the biggest museum in United States.

Ben Stiller who starred as the bodyguard in the first movie is back in this movie and this time he got a female "helper" to help him go through the mess in the museum.

and i must say that there were still parts that are funny and i enjoyed watching it.

Scenes like when they met Abraham Lincoln and the Thinker Statue. I was laughing then. Lolx.

and the end of the movie, the world denomination plan, failed because of Abraham Lincoln alone stopping Pharaoh's troops of army that fled away was classic la. It can be quite stupid to some people that it lasted just that long and ended in a snap.

So called World Denomination Plan that is.


It wasn't that bad after all after watching it having an entertaining time there with my girl. =D

and i think that she's quite pretty leh. Right? xD

My Rating for this movie is 6.5/10


Chew said...

Saw that movie few weeks ago, at first i was like the movie maybe just ok only then follow friend go watch, when watch it then only know is so funny..haha.

joshuaongys said...

> Chew : yeaaaa same here lol hehe

Fumoffu said...

Ooo.. One funny movie that I have to watch then :D :D

joshuaongys said...

> Fumoffu : yeh watch with ur bf yah xD

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