Sunday, June 07, 2009

Standout Party by Nuffnang & Tiger

Yesterday was the Stand Out Party by Nuffnang & Tiger and i think that it was awesome. Though i didn't win anything Haha but the party was very very entertaining xD.

Before you proceed in scrolling down, do view the video i compiled & edited alright?

Standout Party by Nuffnang & Tiger

How was the video? Hope that i didn't bore you out with it... =X

Alright so, back to the post, on the day itself, i reached around 7.10PM and i could already see lots of bloggers doing their best attending the event in some wicked costumes. One of them was PPC, who is the winner of the COACH hand bag and she was already the attraction since the start of the party.

I think that though most girls envy her, they will think that she totally deserve the hand bag as she really put lots of effort into her costumes.

But this bunch of bloggers were totally O.O

They called themselves the Spartans, Malaysian Version of course don't complaint that they don't have muscles please and 2 of them bagged 2 of the biggest prize of the night. One got a laptop and the other one got a Nintendo DS Lite. Reminds me of the DGMB-ians back in Nuffnang Halloween Party. Haha.

The event was all good and the food was delicious as well!! and this time round, we have an extra emcee which differs from the past Nuffnang Parties in Malaysia. Jojo Struys joined Liang in the emcee lineup!! Nice. =D

It was quite a scene throughout the whole night with lots of standout bloggers and i think i blinked less last night. and if you've view the video above, it was TimothyTiah's birthday yesterday and so the Nuffies had a small surprise for him and he was smiling all the way, one of the highlight of the night that was!!

Congrats to Joseph for winning the Xbox 360.

and of course obviously the most outstanding blogger of the night, PPC who won the COACH handbag, too bad for the other girls last night =X

Good Job Nuffnang!!

To the many people i met yesterday, nice meeting you!! One of the reason i enjoyed going to these events are because of this. Its hard to get so many people together and these events are one of the time you'll get to see them all together in one place. xD

and the remaining of the night was spent @ Murni with 50++ other bloggers!!
Crazy. Of course, i don't know all of them hahahaha. It was all random and we joined tables.

Standout? Definitely!

Standout Party Pictures A
Standout Party Pictures B


~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...


........nice video buddy!
and wtf @ the very last part. Damn spooky u know? haha!! Good effort u put in josh!

BTW wheeeee I've also updated on the Standout party! :)

zool said...

what i care about nuffnang is their check..
nowaday my earning reduce..
a bit frustrated

Jacquelyn Ho said...

Nice video! Perfect for ppl like me who was sitting down all the time at the party haha!

Andrew said...


Cathy C said...



Nice Video :)

weijie said...

50+ at yumcha leii LOL .. :o ~

akiraceo said...

Woahhh nice video!!! ^^ Love it ~~

Kevin Chan said...

THIS IS SPARTAAAAA! (: So weird seeing it on video!

Ewin Ee said...

woah damn nice lor ur post and ur video! memang standout lah u! hhahaha

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Fuyoh, it is a nicely done video!!
But yeah the last few seconds is a bit scary with the music ;p

§pinzer said...

wah damn pwning video.

joshuaongys said...

> ~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T : ahahha it wont really boost my ego la cuz i think it sucks gah... haha spooky kaah? its the sound at the end of the transformer trailer xD

> zool : bloggin is not all about money la my friend =)

> Jacquelyn Ho : tenkiu and ha!! how come u were sitting down all the time ha!!

> Andrew : yala u shud come!

> Cathy C : CATHY!!!!! oh thanks =)

> weijie : haha kudos to everyone who went to murni that night!

> akiraceo : ur drawings nicer!! haha nice meeting u!

> Kevin Chan : hahaha u already go all around in 1u with tat, this is sparta is jz small thing la where got weird xD

> Ewin Ee : dont have la where got! =X

> Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 : uh oh thanks and hahaha yeh purposely did dat hehehe

> §pinzer : lol can pwn how long arh?

Josh said...

Nice video wei! ^_^

Charlie said...

nice video compilation you got there. I'm gonna use it later when i post up on the event. Boleh?

Seraph said...

awesome vid josh =)

joshuaongys said...

> Josh : tenkiu and nice meeting u again!! haha

> Charlie : thanks =D can la of cuz haha!!

> Seraph : heeeeee =X

Pork Chop said...

wow, so much effort put to make the video. GreaT work! very cool...XD

yungchien said...

lolx. ur video is AWESOME ^^ =P

fourfeetnine said...

i love ur video! :D

tim showed it to me and i was just like wah.....

YULI said...

you guys really had fun lah~ wish i was there :D

joshuaongys said...

> Pork Chop : thanks and again congrats!! hahah

> yungchien : tenkiuuuu =)

> fourfeetnine : hahahaha glad you like it hope tim like it too!! xD

> YULI : join the next time then!! i'm sure there's more to come =)

TMOT said...

if only nuffnang have events here at the East Side.

joshuaongys said...

> TMOT : send an email to them to request?

roger said...

Whoaaaa that video of yours is ultra cool!! This is Sparta! :D

joshuaongys said...

> roger : lol thanks =)

Anonymous said...

eh!! niceeee videeooo~ XDDD
i rike.~

bluesoule said...

great editing!

joshuaongys said...

> alLets' Lexy : u like the video, my blog or me? xD

> bluesoule : thanks!! haha

Myhorng said...

at lot of u @ murni. but y murni?

joshuaongys said...

> Myhorng : i guess its becuz the place is more well known to the people gua haha

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