Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fast Update #65 Attend Hennessy Artistry & Get Paid

Hennessy Artistry have been one of the most happening event in Malaysia in recent 3 years as they really caught the attention of the public where it is actually an international kinda event where it was held in various cities in different countries a few times per year.

This picture above is a group picture of Nuffnang Malaysia Bloggers attending a Hennessy Artistry event back in April 2009. xD

The next upcoming Hennessy Artistry event is going to happen very very soon and its going to be BIG.

A party which confirmed in featuring the likes of DJ Milinka Radisic, DJ Mr. Sam, Lumisense, One Buck Short, Dominique Tsai, Homies.

Go to google if you want to know more about them okay?

more information :

Date : 25th July 2009
Venue : Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park
Time : 8pm - 3am

A quick search on google leads me to this partime job advertisement on LowYat Forum.

RM70. Lolx. That's if you want to work part time and attend this event at the same time!

See You There!!
*that's if i get to go la.
*Click here to read on some of the past Hennessy Artistry Events in Malaysia.


Joanne said...

Hi , may I know how can I participate in this event ?
Where can I get the ticket ?
Thanks alot.

joshuaongys said...

> Joanne : you can RSVP at their website to get into the event

do go and rsvp ASAP =)

l a b e l s


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