Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nokia N97 KL Media Launch : The Online You!?

The Online me is noisy
The Online me is adventurous
The Online me is childish and lame


Everyone is unique and different in their own ways when they're accessing their computer, going into the never ending cyberspace, be it lurking, exploring, wandering, surfing, there are endless ways and no limitations.

and i guess that's part of what the N97 maker thought when they build the phone.

Early this month, on the 5th of June 2009, i attended the media launch of the Nokia Nseries N97 mobile device @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel KLCC. Yes i know, no sign of recession for Nokia either. Ha.

Well its NOKIA, and they are the largest mobile phone device company on earth and with the launch of this amazing phone, they need to have an amazing launch. Hehe.

So yea, this is the N97.

With a 3.5 inch screen Symbian base mobile device that is build for those who frequent the cyberspace, this phone have a 32GB on-board memory where you can add 16GB more via microSD. Storing a few thousand MP3 tracks and having various of online web applications installed really caught my attention since the last symbian device i had. N73.

Compared to the 16GB memory of N96 and 8GB memory of N95 8GB, this specific one is really a WOW.

I used to love it having a Symbian Mobile Device when i have N73 but the problem is because of the thickness. That's why i didn't further upgrade to a higher spec device and change to Samsung U600 instead due to its slimness.

I wasnt really amazed by N95 because of its thickness. Gah.

I wasnt really amazed by N96 as well because its still erm a bit thick.

but this specific one, N97 with a dimension of 117.2 x 5.3 x 15.9mm, this phone is slimer than N96 by 2mm and N95 by 5mm. *was aiming for 5800 previously but now since i played with N97 i would want this! xD

I wonder if they will come out with N98 nex year with 12mm height. Lolx


This phone is build with a QWERTY keyboard where of course the screen is a touch screen. The various range of applications for this phone where many of them are online oriented really really had me having the urge of buying this phone.

Imagine having LIVE updates from your friends from Facebook or from Twitter on their status on your home screen wherever & whenever you go. THAT of course you have to pay to access to the internet then. =)

Seriously, with a retail price of RM2480 for such a device is really pretty cheap if you ask me. Just compare with the past few Nokia Nseries device where some of them went up to RM3k when they were first released. Of course, for

Well, wait till i start working then maybe in half a year time i might get this phone bah. Ha Ha.

Shall stop talking about the phone here where you can actually access to more information on http://2009.nseries.com

Oh did i mention that the food served during the event was awesomely delicious? Especially the desserts. Yummy!!

and uh oh they have this screen throughout the event where it will be updated based on #n97kl keyword, fellow twitpeeps/twitterians/twittese whatever you call them updated their twitter status and it all appeared on the screen.

Click here to see all N97KL related tweets!!

Thanks to NokiaMsia & Text100, i was 1 of the many Malaysians that have the privilege to see, touch and play around with the device during the event. I wish it could be longer. My relationship with N97 that is.

and of course, thanks to Erna!! Haha.

So yea, The Nokia N97 is available already with retail price of RM2480 in Malaysia and SGD1,028(without Comes with Music) or SGD1,228(with Comes with Music) in Singapore.



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food was awesomest.

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> Myhorng : yesh!!

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