Sunday, June 28, 2009

Playing Fire @ Urbanscapes 2009

Just came back from Urbanscapes 2009 + Dinner + Yumcha.

Saw lotsa people there and HEARD that lotsa people were there as well. Many left when i reached Haha.

It was all good. Especially the weather. Not as hot as last year's one!! xD

Anyways, for those who left the scene earlier in the afternoon, this was one of the stuffs you missed out.

Some fire business at the field out of the main building.

Me thinks me pictures is not that nice and i think if you search online for more urbanscapes 2009 pictures in the next few days, you'll see more nicer one on this specific fire thingy which i don't know what they call it.

I think it was pretty awesome. There were even 2 girls involved in this fire thingy and i think all of them accidentally burnt themselves in the process.

Must have hurt.

Will do another post with more random pictures on Urbanscapes 2009. Till then. Nights.


Dylan said...

damn, i think i'm stuck in the past. what;s this urbanescape thing about neways? i noe its all a atr thingy but wat is it actually ? haha!

CWKen said...

i'm one of the few guilty of leaving the place early lol left before 7 lol u shud've brought a tripod :p

joshuaongys said...

> Dylan : HAHAH you can go to to search more about it. For me its like a rojak event. Flea Market + Performance with indie bands and indie films with foods and much more. Lolx

> CWKen : hahaha many people left earlier also la, just a small number of people who stayed from 12pm till night wan xD and haha didnt expect to see tat fire thingy ma!!

kim said...

ah yea yea me me i left early :( but i still managed to say Hi to you!

yapthomas said...

Ooooooo... nais... :D

joshuaongys said...

> kim : yea hi! xD

> yapthomas : not so nais =(

maRCus said...

Fwah!! dam chu wan the effect.. low shutter speed izit? XD

joshuaongys said...

> maRCus : yesh! low shutter speed!! will be better if i dont have shaky hands sobs

baburs said...

Hi there!

It's called fire dancing. We use poi fitted with flammable wicks and when it's swung around you get those effects you see.

You can visit to read more about the team and / or look up for Sem-Poi Fire Crew on Facebook.

I hope you don't mind me linking this post on to Sem-Poi's Facebook page =)


Sem-Poi said...

Glad u managed to catch our performance joshua! we call ourselves Sem-Poi, and as my 'brother on fire' baburs has posted, it's called fire dancing or more specifically fire poi. There are many forms of fire dancing, but the flammable wick connected to a chain/cord that we use is called a fire poi.

jst a correction to what he said, its not 'poi' fitted with flammable wicks.. 'Poi' actually means ball or balls on a cord. so the entire thing is called a poi. it is actually a maori word and is derived from the traditional maori performance art.

for more info on poi or the Sem-Poi Fire Crew, visit our blog and fb page. or u cn jst google 'poi' and u'll get loads of wonderful information on our obsession..

Crimmy Null said...

nope it didn't hurt..hahaa..nice pix! :p
btw, i'm not in any group. jst another fire dancer who plays for sheer fun.

- one of the two fire girls @ urbanscapes.

joshuaongys said...

> baburs : ahh fire dancing. Alrite hahaha and it was nice =) sure i dont mind u linking this post.

> Sem-Poi : yea i was glad i didn't leave earlier hahaha and thanks for the informative explanation. Now i know more about it. Cool Stuff! keep it up yea =)

> Crimmy Null : oh it didn't hurt? den how does it feels when you guys got hit by the erm poi?

nyways good job! =)

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