Monday, June 08, 2009

Random Monday

I'm feeling all random at the moment. I couldn't remember why already, but yesterday, i was browsing some of my older pictures and found some interesting pictures. Its interesting to me.

Taken specifically in National Service a few years ago.

Had a few laughs over the memories i have on NS. It was some naked + interesting period for me. Yeh my head, nekerd. Had lots of fun back then but lost contact with most of them already now. Haha.

and talking about random...

Yesterday was the day i saw most Nangs on Innit. Pretty standout. 9 out of 10 post is about the Standout Party by Nuffnang & Tiger. With that, i can say that the party is the most successful bloggers party thus far this year!! Haha. Great Job la Nuffnang and of course to Robb Well Done!

picture taken on the way to standout party.

Monday was pretty good for me so far, just that the weather is freaking hot. Hmm i wish it will rain later. and uhhh, last thing for you to do...

Guess which one is me in the picture below!!! xD
3 person failed to give me the right answer thus far hahahahahaha

Okay la if you don't want to guess then its fine la =)

Thank you for reading my random post and i wish everyone a great week ahead!!


Tiffanie Tan said...

i know which is you. haha

Jen said...

nehhhhhhhh the paling hensem one wtf.

middle middle!

Sue Me said...

the one sitting in the middle..

Fumoffu said...

Haha. I know I can't guess right but I like your second last picture. The ray of lights is beautiful :D

joshuaongys said...

> Tiffanie Tan : of cuz u know la lol =D

> Jen : whoa.... i also think he's the most handsome one in the pic hehehehe =D

> Sue Me : xD

> Fumoffu : hahahahaha tenkiu i also think dat it was very nice dts why i take the pic heheheee

Tiffanie Tan said...

so perasan handsome...ish ish ish

joshuaongys said...

> Tiffanie Tan : =X said...

hehehe high five tiffanie. =p

i also know which one.. middle one! =p

joshuaongys said...

> : *faint*

l a b e l s


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